“War Zone Home” featuring Despina Meimaroglou, Robert Visani, Helen Frederick and Liu Bolin.

Mary Hrbacek 2013-12-02

The title captures the increasingly acrimonious political lines drawn in America today by the exponents for and against gun use/abuse, with its devastating social repercussions.


Yigal Ozeri “Territory” at Mike Weiss Gallery

Mary Hrbacek 2012-12-16

This is not the Estes Photorealism of the exalted ketchup bottle. Instead, Ozeri accentuates the focused details that photography provides, adding the depth of illusionistic space that distinguishes the painting process.


Zhijie Wang “Crossed Signals”

Mary Hrbacek 2012-10-24

Wang takes a tongue in cheek view of the antics he observes in today’s young women. He is amused, he gets it, but he maintains some critical concerns with this limited female focus.

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Jonathan Beer at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts

Mary Hrbacek 2012-10-01

He seems to especially enjoy the effect that flat abstract spaces create when placed in proximity with semi-representational pictorial elements.


Fired Up By “Fired People,” Alessandro Pessoli at Anton Kern Gallery

Loren DiBlasi 2012-10-01

And, hold on; is it just me, or is that duck looking a little more phallic than usual?


The Traditional Landscape, Re-imagined: Stephen Hannock at Marlborough Gallery

Loren DiBlasi 2012-05-28

What is truly extraordinary is that each painting of Hannock’s unfolds like a map of his personal journey through the additions of pasted material and text.


“Vaulting Limits” at Tenri Institute

Mary Hrbacek 2012-05-28

They possess the power to transcend time and place, to transport one to a realm of mist, memory and otherworldliness.

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Taona Sonakul “Foto Construct” at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts

Mary Hrbacek 2012-05-25

She expresses her vision in a cascade of viewpoints that mirror the diversity and magnitude of visually perceived reality.


Alex Prager, “Compulsion” at Yancey Richardson Gallery

Loren DiBlasi 2012-05-14

[…] a small, quaint house burns in an epic blaze, yet the bright, peaceful landscape which surrounds it is mysteriously undisturbed.


MECA: Middle East Center for the Arts “Spring 2012” at Mana Contemporary

Mary Hrbacek 2012-04-10

All the works display an individualistic expression that is forged from the artists’ unique experiences and visions, centered on concerns from family relationships to gender issues, distilled into a universal application.

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