Alex Bregman’s complaint was with the review officials, not umpires on the field

Anna Rosencranz 2019-06-18

Astros third baseman Alex Bregman tripled to lead off the sixth inning against the Rockies Wednesday.Then he didn’t.The umpires Babe Ruth Jersey overtuned the call on reviewwhich was ultimately ruled fan interference and an out which took away a runner on third base with no outs for the Astros. Bregman did not agree with the call.”There is no po sible way that a left fielder jumping back into a wall is guaranteed to make a catch,”he told reporters, via “It changed the whole f game.”Bregman triples, fan interference, out. Full video in our FaceBook group. Join here Stros Nation (@StrosNation) July 26, 2018On the play after Bregman’s overturned triple, J.D. Davis grounded out up the middle. In theory, had Bregman been on base he would have scored.Houston would finish the game with one hit. It lost 3-2 on a walk-off, ninth-inning homer by Charlie Blackmon.Bregman had more thoughts.”It was a f joke and they should be ashamed of themselves,” he said, via the Houston Chronicle. “Obviously the guy has never played f baseball before in his life, the guy in charge of whoever made that decision.”Alex Bregman was seething.On his triple that was overturned by a fan interference call. Chandler Rome (@Chandler_Rome) July 26, 2018Bregman made sure to make the point Thursday his complaint was with the review official rather than the umpires on the field.”The umpires on the field, they dod a great job,” he told reporters, via “It’s tough. It’s tough. I was frustrated, obviously, due to what happened early in the game, but that’s a tough call (on the check swing later) and it could have gone either way. Those guys do a great job.”Astros 3B Alex Bregman wasn’t upset at the field umps in his postgame comments last night. When asked about the field umps, he said: Brian McTaggart (@brianmctaggart) July 26, 2018


Headed Where?

NYAB Writer 2013-08-07

Critical reflection on the internal dialogue between (1) our socially intelligent, thoroughly indoctrinated, functional understanding of the world versus (2) the logic of our most innate feelings and impulses, is what I find is encouraged here[…]


Beyond The Borders of Landscape: An Interview With Stephen Hannock

Loren DiBlasi 2013-05-14

It was really curious the similarities and thought processes between athletics and making art. Endless practice, rehearsal, over and over and over.


Peopled Forest of My Mind: A Conversation with Artist Mary Hrbacek

Edward Rubin 2013-05-07

Inspired by her dense dramatic charcoal drawing, executed on stark white paper, Hrbacek cultivates eerie hybrid plant forms as they emerge through the drawing process, coaxing these unfathomable figural apparitions into coherent energized human-like entities that disclose the organic origins of all natural systems.

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Lesny sits down with Liz and Val in their studio in Soho for a long conversation about their art making.


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A pioneer of American Minimalism, Tadaaki Kuwayama exhibits his first work in titanium in his solo exhibition at Gary Snyder Gallery.


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Once called a “bad boy” of the Japanese art world, his newly completed Ash Color Mountains gives another impression of the artist.


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…every show is good practice in some way.


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…works that mesh Mickey Mouse and Michelangelo, revolvers and circuit boards, mirrors and neon lights.

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