David Kramer “The Hangover, Too” at Mulherin + Pollard

As a commentary on the drinking habits of artists (including, of course, himself), Kramer constructed a cozy wine bar in the corner of the gallery, surrounded by his works.

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David Kramer "The Hangover...Too"

at Mulherin + Pollard
in the Lower East Side area
This event has ended - (2011-09-07 - 2011-10-02)

In Reviews by Loren DiBlasi 2011-09-15 print

David Kramer in Mulherin + PollardAt Mulherin + Pollard you’ll get a blast from the past and a glimpse towards the future– doused in a generous helping of sarcasm– with David Kramer’s newly opened, “The Hangover, Too.” Luckily for us, the exhibition is considerably better than the film with which it shares its title– funnier, too.

Sure, the Brooklyn-based Kramer will certainly get you laughing, but it isn’t all jokes, either. Beneath the initial, shallow layer of humor, his work evokes a sense of nostalgia, and sometimes even regret. It’s funny to read, “Not that I’m complaining… But I just thought that the future was supposed to have a few more bells and whistles,” written upon an image of a man leaning upon a futuristic, utopian sphere reminiscent of the skyline at Disney World’s Epcot (Glimpse into the Future, 2011). But when the smile fades off of the viewer’s face, he might find himself actually nodding in agreement. What first comes across as a self-indulgent, self-deprecating expression of Kramer’s inner psyche might in fact hold the key to larger questions of contemporary life and the revised meaning (or lack thereof) of the American Dream.

Kramer utilizes appropriation, text, sculpture, installation, and various mixed media in creating his clever point-of-view. Postcard-perfect scenes featuring colorful, smiling faces serve as a background for Kramer’s musings on love, money, and the meaning of it all; the resulting effect is both playful and contemplative, with a wry twist. As a commentary on the drinking habits of artists (including, of course, himself), Kramer constructed a cozy wine bar in the corner of the gallery, surrounded by his works. Another highlight is After Party Painting, a large-scale scene of indulgence and excess; beside a roaring fire, a dozen sexy women, transplanted straight the imagination of the swingin’ 60s, wine and dine among a sole man who could be Hugh Hefner’s twin. Framed in futuristic silver and accented by a Flavin-esque neon light, its color and suggestion evoke the emotional agitation of German Expressionism. Want to download Instagram Reels and start watching them offline? You can now download Instagram Reels with just a few clicks. Whether you’re catching up on your friends’ funny skits, trying to learn new dance moves, or simply searching for something to watch, downloading Instagram Reels allows countless hours of entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

Until October 2nd, “The Hangover, Too” will be at Mulherin + Pollard, an amusing take the artist’s definition of the “good” life.

Loren DiBlasi

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