Five of the Best Art Blogs You’ve Never Heard of

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Recently NY Art Beat sat down with the talents behind five of the best art blogs you may have yet to hear of. These passionate voices from the arts blogosphere each have something unique to offer: a bit of entertaining snark, a feminist street art community, a gallerist’s perspective, and more. You may have your own favorites and we encourage you to add them to the conversation via our comments below, but here are our picks for five under-appreciated gems to get the conversation started.

Blogs for Bloggers

The Stefan Stux Gallery (STUX)
“He rarely (as far as I’ve noticed) shows anything I think is just crap.”
– Chris Rywalt, NYC Art
The Factual Opinion
“Probably the best NYC comics blogger right now is Tucker Stone. He covers other media-related subjects, too, but his comics stuff’s
- Dirk Deppey, The Comics Journal
Fugitive Ink
“Bunny Smedley is a lovely writer of depth and clarity—she puts me to shame. She actually does research before she writes.”
– Chris Rywalt, NYC Art
“Eyegunk has a series on NYC street art which is much more focused on NYC than other street art blogs.”
- Linnea West, Art Ravels,,,, and MISS CREW
“Just to name a few!”
-Toofly and Alice Mizrachi, Younity

Eric Gelber’s blog offers a glimpse into the mind of a New York artist. As News Editor for, he focuses on the work of others. Gelber’s personal blog turns that attention inward, and the result is good stuff and great comic art. “I started out as an artist. Then I became an art critic,” said Gelber. “When I started blogging I tried to combine the two.” The postings of his sketches and art comics (sometimes silly and sometimes, as he puts it, “off-color”), are entertaining enough, but the string of comments they generate are also worth checking out. His satirical comics are something he’s included since he started blogging, and his critiques are informed, funny, and honest. “They are crudely drawn and very cynical. They deal with galleries, artists, critics, museums, academia, and my own situation. I try to use humor to mitigate the negativity and sometimes it works…my comics are not objective in any way.”

NYAB’s pick for… getting inside an art insider’s mind on his day off.

Linnea West’s perspective on the art world is like most of us: She’s an outsider looking in. That lack of formal artistic study is what keeps her blog sounding fresh and unpretentious. “[Blogging] has become almost an obsession!” she says, with what sounds like her typical enthusiasm. “I visit a lot of art exhibitions and want to use the space as a way to work through my reactions.” A good read if you want something accessible and enjoyable, Art Ravels never sounds like a summary from some art history student’s latest academic essay. She admits her writing is a work in progress. “I cringe when I look back at some of the first posts,” she says. Kind of like your high school journal.

NYAB’s pick for…a blog that reads like your smart, funny arts-loving best friend.

Younity, founded by artists Alice Mizrachi and Toofly, offers a comprehensive glimpse into the world of street art—from a feminist perspective. Sounds like it would be a small niche, but read their blog and it’s hard to deny that these women are spurring a discussion that’s both powerful and provocative. Younity acts as a “diary of life,” said Toofly. The site offers a forum for other artists to communicate and gain exposure. “The content we create helps contribute to the New York state of mind, arts culture, and lifestyle by giving the public at large a local’s perspective.” Toofly added. “We know how to navigate this city more than anyone and give shine to our own people, which sometimes doesn’t happen in other media outlets.” With links to over 50 badass New York City female artists and consistent coverage of street art and music events, it is clear Younity is dedicated to making the New York art scene a community effort.

NYAB’s pick for…reading that makes you want to get involved.

Chris Rywalt, author of NYC Art, offers something to the art community that’s sometimes hard to find—he straight up doesn’t take himself too seriously. Like a friend with impeccably good taste and strong opinions about most everything, he’ll fearlessly put out exactly what he’s thinking. “When I started [blogging] I thought I was alone,” said Rywalt. “Then I did some research and found out there were a good number of New York art blogs out there, so I looked to join the community. I’d be really active on one blog for a few weeks, then get bored or piss someone off or whatever, and move on to another blog. Over and over.” Kind of like a serial womanizer…but Rywalt’s coverage is too fun to resist.

NYAB’s pick for…a healthy serving of well-curated arts coverage with a satisfying side of humor and snark.

Edward Winkleman’s eponymous blog offers a way to stay informed on current art market issues and the state of the art world. Writing about topics even a well-informed reader might not normally come across, this blog is your link to the source. Winkleman owns the Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea, and his strong connection with both the art and the commerce is clear. His posts include lucid, well-researched interviews with a wide-array of interesting art world authorities, and Winkleman’s writing makes it easy for the casual reader to grasp. He’s also part of a group blog, Artworld Salon, which Winkleman said “is a moderated discussion focused upon the fast-paced transformations currently taking place in the global artworld.” As bonus for up-and-coming artists, the advice from a seasoned gallery owner is invaluable.

NYAB’s pick for…market and industry expertise from an eloquent art world professional.

Jennifer Orbom

Jennifer Orbom. After city hopping for the last few years, Jennifer is now settled in Brooklyn. She is involved in several art, film, and theater organizations, working as an event planner and producer. Readers are encouraged to email book recommendations to her at jennifer [at] » See other writings


  1. Eric Gelber

    Wow. So far this article has increased the traffic on my blog by exactly one visitor. Thanks! By the way, my blog was the only one that didn’t get a “NYAB’s pick for…” before the blurb about it. Granted my blog came first, which is an honor, but I think I need to start a Truth Commission and get to the bottom of this.

  2. Eric Gelber

    Okay now four people have visited my blog because of this article.

  3. Matt Schlecht

    Eric, you are the art insider! NYAB has picked you. No conspiracy, we promise.

  4. Eric Gelber

    Duh. I didn’t understand the format or layout of the piece and a conspiracy theory was born. Perhaps this is a valuable lesson for us all.

    “NYAB’s pick for… getting inside an art insider’s mind on his day off.” Yeah that’s me alright.

    If you are interested in hiring me for, I would be happy to have my people meet with your people in a lavishly furnished conference room somewhere. I hear that the pay is great. By the way, when you figure out a way to make money doing this shit please let me know.

  5. Nomi

    Eric, you ungrateful wretch.

    Oh, wait. You’re just maintaining your personae. That must take hard work. I feel for you.

  6. Eric Gelber

    The following art bloggers have been trying to destroy me and my art blog since 1990, two years before Al Gore and the Military Industrial Complex invented the World Wide Web: Vittorio Colaizzi, Nomi Lubin, Oriane Stender, Martin Bromirski, and Luis Coig Reyes. Now that I have hit the big time, thanks to Jennifer Orbom’s excellent article, I truly fear for my life.

    p.s. Personae is plural. Persona is singular.

  7. Chris Rywalt

    When Jennifer wrote to me and told me she was writing this up, I wanted to know if she was getting paid. She never answered me….

    So far I’ve gotten ten hits from here. Eric, if what you want is to drive traffic to your site, you can copy the page from my site which gets the most hits through Google: John Currin’s porn. Zing!

  8. Oriane Stender

    I protest this scurrilous slander! I’m not an art blogger, or any other kind of blogger. Also, personae might be correct because it’s possible that Eric has multiple personalities.

  9. Nomi

    The most insulting thing here by far is the supposed correction of my spelling.

    While Eric Gelber may not have multiple personalities (I’m not a doctor!), he certainly has multiple personae, and that is of course what I meant.

  10. Nomi

    Ha, yeah, Oriane doesn’t even have a blog.

  11. Eric Gelber

    I did not want to look like a nepotistic ass kisser by posting links to my readers’ websites or blogs. I am sorry if you can’t appreciate my cleverness. Chris I think I will post something on John Currin and his use of pornography soon and make sure that I tag the post to death. Sorry Oriane. You would never sink so low as to have an art blog. We should all face the facts. No one is getting paid!

  12. Luis Coig Reyes

    Eric, you can hide but you can’t run. I will annihilate you, sooner than I think and not a minute later. As nobody knows, my blog is far more unknown, in the darkest pit of the unfathomable, than yours, and I get far less commentary. Your reign as the most obscure and desolate art blogger in cyberspace is coming to an end.

  13. Nomi

    Ah, the cleverest go unrecognized in their own time . . .

    “As nobody knows, my blog is far more unknown” (LCR)


  14. Eric Gelber

    This art blogging stuff is very important. Please let us not take it too lightly.

  15. TC

    TheCompleteness, a public forum for discussing the relationships between all things.

  16. kate honestly

    It’s great to see other art bloggers profiled, especially those who are independent and providing some much-appreciated fresh air to the art world!

  17. Lee Wilde

    Kudos to all the featured bloggers. Great work…some very interesting reading.

  18. Paul

    these are all great you should check out this canadian couple

  19. Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Great read, thouroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Everyone does well with bloggin in art. nice to read everyone’s thoughts as well.

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    It has been a phenomenal resource to me, to my peers, and has brought light to the BUSINESS of art, rather than just the proces and/or hobby of it. Check it out!

  21. Ed T.

    Thanks for turning me on to some very interesting blogs. I would of never read (and seen) some great stuff if you hadn’t made this post.

  22. Nature Photography

    thanks for posting interesting blog sites. keep up the good work. Congrats.

  23. HarlemGal

    We would like to start covering artists who live in Harlem and whose work has a postive link back to the community. In our first feature, we introduced a local watercolorist-Lynn Lieberman. If you have suggestions please visit our site at and write to

  24. PDaleX

    Check out a view of the art world from Portland Oregon:

  25. Dash Gallery

    The Dash Gallery, located in TriBeca, NY call for new artists.

  26. PDWamp

    Haven’t seen a lot of these, yet. Thanks!

  27. Jabrion Graham

    I’m an artist looking trying to put my work out there like everyone else and I would appreciate it if you check out some of my work.

  28. Pest Strap on 4C in low GITE

    I’ve never heard of a few of these people. What bothers me about the wave of influential art bloggers is that the only ones that seem to get any attention are based in NYC. Look at Paddy Johnson and her blog Art Fag City. Most of her posts are barely a paragraph long, include little personal insight, and yet she wins a Warhol scholarship for art blogging followed by a big G nomination which thankfully Jerry Saltz took home.

    What Paddy has done right is worked within a group of like minded art bloggers who all promote each other as being the only art bloggers breaking the mold. It is a team play that has granted them all big time exposure with a little elbow rubbing on the side.

  29. MadFrenchOne

    Those sites are err.. aight. Too many opinions of other peoples opinions. Hit up my blog, global events everyday and eye opening content

  30. Eric Gelber

    Eric Gelber’s blog has been taken down so don’t bother visiting it. He became sickened by the art world and the art blogging community and gave up.

  31. Daniel Peci

    I have two art related blogs that you might wanna check out

  32. Canvas Art Lover

    Wow. I love your website. The information you put together is fun and easy to read. I will check back in a week or so to read more of your stuff. Great job and happy I found you.

  33. Art of RetroCollage

    Just so you know, this page comes up on the first page of the Google search for “top art blogs.” You put something in, now you could get something out of it too.

    I started blogging about collage, engravings, and other aspects of art last year. It does take a lot of time away from creating art itself, I can see.

  34. EEH

    I like the listing, but let’s be honest, you missed one:

    And, yes, I’m biased.

  35. Inspiring Art

    Very helpful list you’ve got there! Thanks so much for this!

  36. Owen

    In addition, here is another:

  37. edvin

    I am in NY writing about Arts, fashion and design, Please check out my blog. it’s not for the faint of heart! by deadmeats

  38. Catherine Meyers

    What about Canada??? It’s always about the Americans, NYC bla bla bla!

  39. EAG

    This article is the only reason my blog still gets hits. Too bad I deleted everything.

  40. Drawing Artists

    What about artist’s blogs that are about drawing?

  41. Art Blogging: Vital Element of the Art Ecosystem, or Useless Ranting? | Information Systems in the Visual Arts

    [...] her emotions and opinions on various works. New York Art Beat ranked her blog on their list of Five of the Best Art Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of. I think the fact that Linnea is just one of many people who uses blogging as a way of [...]

  42. Amber

    Check out my Shadow Art at one of the other Best Art Blogs you are not reading!

  43. Abstract Art by Jaison

    Thanks for the list. I think somebody needs to implement a site that unites all art bloggers – maybe by guest blogging. Lol, maybe I need to create this magical place…

  44. Maura

    Great blog by playwright – director – teacher – actor – photographer George Sapio; a bit weird but always interesting, and interdisciplinary:

  45. Raye321

    Hey Jennifer,
    I must say you’ve done an awesome job with this. I feel it’s a superb idea of jotting down all the art sites at one place. Steps should really be made to pull together all the art experts.

  46. Waterside Gallery

    Hey Jennifer, any blogs of artist with their work on the site???

  47. Brian Sherwin

    The US art blog community is extremely catty. That goes for 10 fold for art bloggers in NY. Don’t expect them to mention you unless: 1.) You are friends with them. 2.) You pay them. Hell, I’ve interviewed dozens of famous artists — had the honor of having the last interview with Sylvia Sleigh — yet none of the BIG art blogs point to my content. Why? Because I refuse to pay — and I don’t kiss butt. ;p

  48. Audra Lambert

    Blogging about the art world basically means covering others’ tracks or forging your own path.. if you’re interested in a mix of reviews and original thought covering the art world check us out at (Also congrats for the mention Alice Mizrahi!)

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