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On a damp and foggy night in DUMBO, the Art Under the Bridge Festival kicks off with hundreds of artists whose work is displayed everywhere from traditional galleries to, well, under the Manhattan Bridge. The festival continues through Sunday, September 28, 2008.

In Photo Reports by Matt Schlecht 2008-09-27 print

I try to first get my bearings with a hand-sewn map of the stars at the ''Creative Cartographies'' exhibition at BAC Gallery. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

Melting ice block paintings by Australian artist Gav Barbey in progress. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.Luckily, the view is not yet in foreclosure. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

Artist Alex Stein at Safe-T Gallery. He does not endorse viewing his paintings with the magnifying glass provided by the gallery. Where's the challenge in that? Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

Sorry if this close-up is cheating, Alex. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

A performance piece by Catherine Bay called ''The Snow White Project.'' Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

The Snow White Voyeurs. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

I was invited into a freight elevator to experience Ursula Scherrer and Kato Hideki's audio-visual piece, ''Elevator 55.'' Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

I hadn't even felt the lift moving, but when the door opened I found myself in an unfamiliar hallway and hopelessly lost. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

Chin Chih Yang roaming the streets projecting a blue seascape filled with jellyfish. This piece also curiously featured an air raid siren which the neighbors surely love. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

John Bonafede calls attention to hunger with ''Sustenance.'' He breaks a 13 day fast on Saturday by deep-frying all of these. Everyone is welcome to help digest the artwork. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

I got to meet Ellis G. tonight. He chalked the shadow of my bike a couple of years ago. Visit our partners' website - <a . Very interesting and exclusive content. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.” width=”518″ />

A bead sculpture from Natsu lights up the night. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

Who's Who of Graffiti slideshow projected onto the Manhattan Bridge. Photo © 2008 Matt Schlecht.

Art Under the Bridge

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