Kreemart or Cream Art Performance at Haunch of Venison

It was dinner and off to the Rockefeller Center area for a performance and/or dessert at Haunch of Venison?

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Kreemart/American Patrons of Tate/Haunch of Venison New York Cake Party – November 3, 2009.

It was scheduled to start after dinner, at 9pm and prepared by four artists and “leading” NYC pastry chefs cakes were to be served as the performance.
-Marina Abramovic with Executive Chef Dominique Ansel of Restaurant Daniel
-Leandro Erlich with Guido Mogni of Sant Ambroeus
-Mickalene Thomas with Bob Spiegel of Creative Edge Parties
-Rob Wynn with Lidia Bastianich and Pastry Chef Brooks Headley of Del Posto

Don’t miss the video all the way below.

Three women in front of a cake made of  what looked like aluminum complaining that they want to eat cake, but can't.
A man silently reading in a chair with a maid standing next to him motionless.
Finally some cake. Topless models feeding the guest cake.

Cameras everywhere, most of which were part of the performance.

The aluminum cake turned out to be silver frosting and was finally cut and served.

Abramovic and helpers busy setting up a performance in a back room of the gallery.

The back room performance.

Golden cake on the lips of a participant of the Abramovic performance/experiment- artist Angela Freiberger, who will be performing with Marina next year at MOMA.
Golden cake on the lips of the participants of the Abramovic performance/experiment.
Golden cake on the lips of the participants of the Abramovic performance/experiment.

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