“21st Annual WAH Salon Show” Exhibition

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This 21st Annual WAH Salon Show is the most significant of all the other Salon shows we have had in the past 20 years, because this 21st Annual Salon Show starts at the very beginning of the third decade of the 21st Century, and furthermore the WAH Salon became 21 years old, old enough to start our adulthood. We deserve to celebrate our 21st birth year, which will never happen again in the future.

For that special reason, the true idea I envisioned for this show is a bit different from any other Salon shows we had in the past. In this show it is not necessary to show the members’ latest artworks. If the quality of the works artists are submitting to this show did not match with their normal creative level, they were able to choose some other pieces they’ve created in the past. And also if they could not produce any new works for this show, they could show some other works they have produced in the past. In another words, I do not want to limit their submissions to this special anniversary show, because I would like all of the Salon members to participate with their finest quality artworks. This show is to present their best works available, because I want to show the true strength of our artists.

Yes, the 21st Annual WAH Salon Show brings my memory back to when and how the WAH Salon Art Club was conceived and actualized. Upon founding the WAH Center in late1996, I was determined to ensure an enduring and long lasting high quality art center. To realize my desire, I came up with the idea of forming a membership program in which artists would become members of an art club and participate in an annual member’s group show. The very first meeting took placed in1997 with a small group of a dozen local artists who showed their interest in becoming a member of the “Art Club” as we named it back then. Each artist expressed his or her wish to contribute democratically with shared responsibilities to make it happen. But the more they talked, the more disagreements they had so that nothing worked well. It was impossible to go forward to having the first annual show. So, I decided to take sole responsibility for the annual members’ show with the help of a coordinator. I named the art club the “WAH Salon”, and thus started the “1st Annual WAH Salon” show in January1998. Ever since the WAH Salon membership program has grown in number and the quality of the annual show has improved gradually over the years. Because many of the Salon members stayed with us for many years during that long period, everybody got to know each other better and we have enjoyed our intimate friendships, which one cannot do with a one time show. The WAH Salon has become a harmonious, healthy and even exuberant art club, of which I am very proud!

Their consistent, steady support and warm love have encouraged us to keep going. Without doubt their accumulated kindnesses and generosity for this long period have been a sustaining force behind us, without which we couldn’t have survived this far. Because all of the Salon members have generously offered us their talents, skills, time and energy by volunteering to accomplish all the tasks needed for each annual Salon show, we were able to grow together to become today’s WAH Salon Art Club. I am truly happy to be able to celebrate our 21st Anniversary year- old enough to “start our adulthood.”

ARTISTS IN SHOW: Silvia Aviles, Ayako Bando, Bienvenido Bones Banez Jr., Carole Barlowe, Tomek Bogacki, Beryl Brenner, Orin Buck, Linda Butti, Nan Cao, Leandro Comrie, Christopher Craig, Theresa DeSalvio, Val Dyshlov,, Santiago Flores Charneco,, Sandra Forrest, Carmen Frank, Glen Goodenough, Susan Handwerker, Richard Hatter, Sachie Hayashi, Halona Hilbertz, Miho Hiranouchi, Judith Eloise Hooper, Susan Jacobs, Sam Jungkurth , Yuko K., Katharine H. Kissh, Frank Krasicki, Eric Kwan Tai Lau, Drew Maillard, Margo Mead, Mieko Mitachi, Gail Robin Mitchel, Mauricio Morillas, Kenichi Nakajima, Denise Nassar, Mitsuya Okumura, Yasuko Okumura, Charmaine O’Saerang, Joey Ou, Ben Perini, Carmen Porfido, Yupin Pramotepipop, Renee Radenberg, Cheryl Safren,, Mira Satryan, Larry Scaturro, Jessica Schulman, Gloria Schuster, Kayo Shido, Joel Simpson, Linda Smith, SUPRINA, Larry Szycher, Gayle Tanaka, Yoshimi Tanaka, , Rumi Tsuda, Villo Varga, David Vigon, Jeff Watts, Mary Westring, Ellie Winberg, Fumio Yamaguchi



from February 08, 2020 to March 15, 2020

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