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DOOSAN Gallery New York announces the solo exhibition of Jeamin Cha, a recipient of the DOOSAN Artists Award. Serving as Cha’s New York debut, this exhibition will feature five single-channel video works as well as three drawings that best reveal the artist’s scope and practice.

Hysterics signifies a temporary state of agitation caused by psychological neurosis, more accurately defined as “an attack of hysteria.” The artist focuses on individuals coping with irrational circumstances, analyzing and interpreting their cognizance and emotional state.

The titular work hysterics (2014) is based on interviews with Youngchun Hur who has been fighting for 30 years to find the truth behind the sudden death of his son who at time was serving in the military. The artist does not directly reveal the tragic story behind the work, but rather uses theatrical devices to re-stage the situation, via a blank piece of paper, lighting and phosphorous - an element naturally found in human bones and blood- which reacts to black light.

Autodidact (2014) shows close-ups of the forensic medicine documents and handwritten notes that Youngchun Hur studied on his own, while an audio track of two people reading plays in the background. First, it is read by Hur himself, then the same script is repeated by a young man, perhaps in his early 20s. The work brings out the potential and limitations of reflection of the voice through allowing viewers to read with their eyes, then listening to the words being read in multiple voices.

Fog and Smoke (2013), Trot, Trio, Waltz (2013), Chroma-key and Labyrinth (2013) are related works about urban development. Fog and Smoke (2013) uses the halted construction site of Songdo City (due to the financial, real estate, as well as economic crises) as the background when a tap dancer appears alone. Trot, Trio Waltz (2013) takes sensations of daily life, collected sounds of alleyways (handcarts being dragged, motorcycle wheels rolling) and shows the night and day of back alleys in the city of Seoul. Chroma-key and Labyrinth (2013) shows television cables that are intricately tangled within the city like its blood vessels and the labyrinth-like landscape of residential areas.

It is through these types of works that the artist is able to focus on societal conflicts and discord while restraining from directly explaining them, but revealing the essence of ethics between an individual and others.



from April 16, 2015 to May 14, 2015

Opening Reception on 2015-04-16 from 18:00 to 20:00


Jeamin Cha

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