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Knockdown Center presents the U.S. debut of Internet Yami-Ichi (Internet black market), where artists, creators, and makers will come together to sell and trade Internet-related items in a flea market style bazaar. The Internet Yami-Ichi invites vendors and visitors to browse face-to-face, to “log in” to an intercultural exchange of the Internet and real world. Artist duo Exonemo and online collective IDPW.org organized the first Yami-Ichi festival in Japan, which has since spread to Berlin, Brussels, and now New York, for its largest iteration to date. The Internet Yami-Ichi in New York coincides with the first ever World Wide Yami-Ichi Weeks (WWyW), simultaneous events taking place in Taichung, Taiwan; São Paulo, Brazil; Linz, Austria, and Seoul, Korea.

The event is a manifestation of the enthusiasm, desires, and freedoms of the early days of the Internet. A time when users – not corporations – controlled data. As IDPW.org puts forth, “Once upon a time, the Internet was supposed to be a place for liberty.” Since then the Internet has evolved and impacted life in many ways. We are ever-more dependent on smart phones and digital communication to interact with the physical world. The desire for quick communication has spawned countless memes and emojis, now used like a second language. Social media and data sharing sites are hubs for friendships and knowledge. Privacy, anonymity, and freedom of speech have become critical points of debate as companies enforce copyright laws, activities such as “liking” are tracked and monetized, and forum trolls wreak havoc on message boards. The Internet Yami-Ichi brings these experiences in virtual space to the real world – creating a humorous and timely discussion of Internet culture.

The Japanese word “Yami-Ichi” translates directly into the English “black market”, though due to an emphasis created by mixing different Japanese writing systems the word “yami” takes on double meaning of “sick for” / “addicted to” etc., so a more accurate translation might be “Internet Obsessive Market.”

Organized by Exonemo, IDPW.org, Chris Romero, Eri Takane, PARTY Inc., and many others, the New York edition of the Internet Yami-Ichi will host over 100 vendors who will communicate and share their love for the Internet and reveal the depth it contains. Coinciding with the event will be an exhibition featuring the works of IDPW.org artists and performances.

Open call: Deadline August 5th.
Everyone is invited to participate. Vendors receive 100% profit from what they sell. Just keep in mind our two rules:

Sell things related to the Internet.
No dangerous, harmful, or illegal goods, please! This black market wants to remain free and useful.
Confirmed Vendors

Addie Wagenknecht, Angela Washko, Aram Bartholl, ART404 (Manny Palou, Moises Sanabria), Chris Romero’s Dad, Baby Castles, Carla Gannis, Cory Arcangel, Deep Lab, Dorita, exonemo, IDPW, Faith Holland, Fantasista Utamaro, Goichi HOSAKA, Internet dude, Jeff Donaldson, Johann Diedrick, Daniel Johnson, Daniel Johnston, Leah Schraeger, Linn Livijn Wexell, Nicolas Probst, Nukeme, Rafaël Rozendaal, RAFiA, Rollin Leonard, Surya Mattu & Tega Brain, Sarah Rothberg, tadahi, Wade, Daniel Johnston, Meguru Yamaguchi -NIGHT TRAIN … and more!!

Contact yamiichiny@gmail.com or visit yami-ichi.biz/nyc for more info on participating.



September 12, 2015 from 12:00 to 20:00

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