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Elga Wimmer-Hyun Contemporary presents “Inside and out”, a group exhibition featuring the works of 6 artists: Inbu Pyo, Jeong Hee Park, InHee Yang, Hong Seok Kang, HeeSoo Kim, and KyungHan Kim. This exhibition will be an entrance that leads to genuine world of emotion beneath the artist’s mind and intention. The deeper you scrutinize, the more jewels which is hidden inside the beautiful artwork you will find. Finding the real meanings via exhibition is looked for.

You can see thousands of tiny paper spread out dizzily in artist Inbu Pyo’s Paper work. However, obvious orders like flower, whirlpool also exists inside. Densely crumpled papers, like sense of oppression which relives in human’s mind, express their own personalities in that stuffiness. Psychological mental states of city dwellers, who accompany blowing storms, shaking wave are expressed of tiny, crammed papers. Those papers that never breathe contains human’s mind who always feels dizzy and chocking.

Hong Seok Kang’s frames of artworks are especially big and thick, and contents inside the frames seem relatively small. Distress of modern people who got pressed down by pollution and chocking city life can be seen. Also, died fishes that abandoned from an aquarium seem as city dwellers who were dismissed by a company, forgotten from people, treated as nothing. And extremely dark eyes of the fishes include the eyes of civilian who lost their color in heartless city. Even today, the existence of each New Yorker is slowly getting dark.
Jeong Hee Park let wild animals that supposed to live in wildness and field into city life. However, that figures are not unfamiliar, but intimidate actually. The arctic animals that line up for bus, joyful lions in a room, reindeers in front of the Christmas tree are similar to every New Yorkers. These harmonies of wild animals and city life, gives distinctive freshness, and they tell that city dweller in common life, are not quite different from those pure and naive beings.

Kyung Han Kim’s Yellow, gray, red. Various background colors of other different canvases stand out diversity languages and features of other countries. An excessively tiny needles comparing to the canvases penetrate through the grand canvases. It looks like the immigrants, who are supposed to wedge in the new environment desperately to adapt and being alike. Even that thread was dyed. The threads were imbued with the colors of backgrounds and their original color and characteristic, white, was vanished already. Vertical lines of traces fall down miserably like tears of immigrants.

Inhee Yang’s work shows many threads entwined with many chairs express flowing continuity of seamless movers. The comfortableness of chairs which can be relaxed rest, and complication of threads that mixed and twisted, connecting each other appear psychological mental states of the moderns’ comfort and busyness. Like dizziness in neatness of city life, threads and chairs in artworks are coming through inside the contrast.

Pure and undefiled children live in each artworks of Heesoo Kim. Joyful eyes, curious faces show their naive mental status. Noticeable fancy colors breathe life to their pleasure. Their bright figures and purity are maybe the lost things of adults who changed calculatedly as growing older. Also, some arbors in the paintings show their oriental existence faintly among the feelings of western culture. Attributed to the arbors, that raises its hand to us who get used to pop art, western feeling became not just monotonous.



from July 31, 2014 to August 11, 2014

Opening Reception on 2014-07-31 from 18:00 to 20:00

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