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Hyun Contemporary presents “Pixel”, a group exhibition featuring the works of 6 New York based artists: Eung Ho Park, Jong Rim Song, Jong Sook Kang, Liliya Lifanova, Mikyung Kim, and Sungho Choi. The works presented in this exhibition are based upon the concept of a Pixel, the smallest controllable visual element. This exhibition is an exploration into each artist’s visual and conceptual interpretation of Pixels delineated through the use of various mediums: bottle caps, marbles, porcelain, rolled canvas, resin, and lottery tickets.
Eung Ho Park’s bottle-cap relief, I’m Looking at You, creates a large-scale composition comprised of pixels made from painted bottle caps to resemble eyes. The result is hundreds of ‘eyes’ staring back at the viewer and mimics the artist’s experience of isolation in a foreign society and intimidation from what he perceived as foreign eyes staring at him. Park uses everyday objects as a representation of culture and groups them into compositions to depict a contemporary narrative on the immigrant experience. Jong Rim Song utilizes glass marbles as both an inspiration and medium to explore the visual experience and interaction of 3D objects with 2D elements. The marbles exaggerate and obscure the underlying image, while simultaneously introducing the concept of light as a visual factor. In Song’s Beads, color and texture seem to be trapped within these transparent spheres; however, when viewed collectively, they become pixels comprising a dynamic whole emphasizing the visual contrast between 2D and 3D elements.

Jong Sook Kang’s porcelain series, Big Apples utilizes apples as a motif to capture the vitality and the seemingly identical, yet distinctly individual experiences of living in Manhattan. Each apple is identical in size and shape, with variations in surface treatment and different sections cut off. These ceramic pixels serve as microcosms that highlight the similar goals and contrasting characteristics of different individuals bustling in a city of vitality. Liliya Lifanova’s Rolled series is an exploration of reversing the relationship between canvas and paint and serves as an archive of the artist’s creative process, time, and intimate ideologies. Each canvas roll of a pixel represents an inside-out painting; where the material, instead of the medium, becomes the subject and focus of each composition. Lifanova emphasizes on the overall, the resulting collective identity from grouping anonymous, individual components.

Mikyung Kim’s Pile Strata is a process-based wall installation deeply rooted in Eastern ceremony; inspired by ancestry worshipping and ancient stone burial mounds. The creative process is a product of both random and carefully arranged elements dependent on the ratio of applied resin, pigment, thinner, and brush stroke. Each panel serves as a pixel depicting instances of thought, which characterize the transient nature of the mind in their serial display. This controlled spontaneity explores the relationship between the fleeting mind and the conscious/unconscious. Sung Ho Choi explores aspects of biculturalism by delving into themes of clashing cultures and creating a contemporary narrative highlighting the visual and cultural contrast of the East and West. Choi’s Mountain God is comprised of lottery tickets arranged in serial display with circles filled in with glitter glue in painstaking detail. The resulting pattern of arranged pixels creates an ironic image of a mountain god from Korean folk tales emphasizing the stark visual and cultural contrast between the image and the medium, while providing commentary on modern materialism through a bicultural perspective.



from July 09, 2014 to July 30, 2014

Opening Reception on 2014-07-10 from 18:00 to 20:00

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