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Rare Forms brings together new works by three New York based artists. Themes of oddity and abstraction of form are prevalent throughout this presentation of 2D and 3D works.

Sculptural pieces by Adams Puryear are not inanimate objects. Each sculpture-as-character is realized through what he calls “the Internet’s anti-filter.” Digitalized color, emotion, and composition are rendered through physical materials such as neon modeling clay, plaster, and ceramic. Emanating from the core of each sculpture is slow, creeping ooze that moves almost unnoticeably into the casual observer’s space. Over time, it bleeds into the gallery and begins to dry - slowly but continuously changing form, color, and surface. Ultimately the ooze complicates any tidy resolution that the viewer attempts to assemble and acts as a continuation of the abundant incomprehensibility on the Internet.

Claire Typaldos is a designer and visual artist based in Brooklyn. With recently completed artist residencies at Kala Art Institute in California and Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado, her most recent work is an exploration of both the fragility and enormous strength of natural formations. Borrowing techniques from the printmaking process, Typaldos uses Gypsum Cement and ink to create varied and unique pieces from one mold. The results evoke the wild flaws we find in nature’s order and the tension between what we can and can’t control.

Paintings and drawings by Vincent Stracquadanio are based on observations of the artist’s environment in combination with abstract inventions that result from process and play in the studio. These elements are combined into abstract nonrepresentational paintings that echo familiar forms, which are imbued with an otherworldly idiosyncratic spirit. References of the historic, mythical, pre-historic, and the present day are rendered through color, strong sense of material and meticulous illustrative detail. Stracquadanio’s work provides the viewer an arena to form unique personal associations as they navigate these distinct visual realities where anything is possible.



from April 04, 2014 to May 02, 2014

Opening Reception on 2014-04-04 from 19:00 to 21:00

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