“Cone Monochromacy” Exhibition

J. Cacciola Gallery

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J. Cacciola Gallery presents new works by Nick Bierk, Michael Ciervo, Kim Frohsin, Jane LaFarge Hamill, Ron Kingswood, James Lahey, Michael Massaia, Jenny Montgomery, and Amanda Wachob.

Color Blindness is a deficiency in the way a person perceives color, in most cases still seeing color, but the spectrum is altered from how the majority of people see it. Cone Monochromacy is when you can see only in black and white, seeing the world as a black and white photograph. This is incredibly rare, some debate it exists at all, but for our purposes it’s existence matters little.

There are artists that choose to work in this limited palette, providing the viewer with a specific point of view. Like those who see the world in black in white, we don’t have an option of knowing how these works would have looked in color. Do we see things differently when the rest of the color spectrum is set aside? Do we bring different associations to what we see when compositions are in black and white vs. color? Monochromic painting and other mediums have evolved, changed, and circled back to their beginning many times in the last century. There are few artists who have committed themselves to it exclusively, and yet, it has never gone away. In this exhibition we take a look at contemporary artists working in various monochromatic mediums today.



from July 17, 2013 to August 31, 2013

Opening Reception on 2013-07-17 from 18:00 to 20:00

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