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Joseph Buzzell presents us with thirteen vibrant colored pencil drawings that immediately turn on our imaginations. Because the pieces are devoid of characters and only contain architectural and environmental structures our minds are quick to fill in the questions of Where? What? Who? Why? and When? If there are no people are these scenes after the apocalypse? Where is everyone? Nature hates a void so our brains try to complete it.

In Buzzell’s world, order is maintained by using the grid as a base. Rules of geometry are followed and we start to see patterns and rhythms just like one might see in nature. It creates a sense of peace and serenity. Although the whole image is flat on a two-dimensional surface, there is depth and form created and implied by the lines and shapes. One starts to expand their notion of what is the “true reality” here? Many of Buzzell’s drawings remind one of molded, concrete playgrounds, construction remnants, and even video game environments waiting for people to start their play. I personally like to think that the images are details from a yet to be produced SimCity, designed especially for rainbow loving skateboarders.

The title of the show comes from a reference to a Japanese horror film from the 1980’s which used such detailed special effects that it was looked upon by many to be a true snuff film until the film makers were forced to reveal their secrets. “Flowers of Flesh and Blood” reflects Joe’s interest in illusion versus reality.



from May 09, 2008 to June 01, 2008


Joseph Buzzell

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