Yigal Ozeri: Garden of the Gods at Mike Weiss Gallery

Mary Hrbacek 2011-05-22

The mysterious female fantasy figures are clothed in white dresses, reflecting the play of shadows and light that accentuate the transient character of the elusive scenes.


Pasquarelli “

Freedom” at Salomon 

Mary Hrbacek 2011-04-19

The images offer a searing critique of the emotionally empty individuals whose limitless appetites have tipped the nation into the realm of a classic Christian deadly sin, namely greed.

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“Bye Bye Kitty!!! Between Heaven and Hell in Contemporary Japanese Art”

Brian Fee 2011-03-22

Any opportunity to experience the scope of Japanese contemporary art beyond plasticky kawaii imagery is a welcome one.

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Garry Nichols “Tasmanian Devil”

Mary Hrbacek 2011-02-02

His art resides in a continuum of symbolic representation that ranges from the semi-abstract to the abstract mode, retaining recognizable imagery within his plastic pictorial space.


3×300: Jen Liu, Christiana Soulou, and Paul Lee

Brian Fee 2010-11-19

The second installment of writer Brian Fee’s 3×300 for NYAB: on shows by Jen Liu (On Stellar Rays), Christiana Soulou (Friedrich Petzel Gallery) and Paul Lee (Maccarone Gallery).


3×300: McPherson, Sibony, Connors

Brian Fee 2010-11-11

In his new serial ‘3×300’, writer Brian Fee reviews gallery events in the New York Art scene on a weekly basis. Check back at NYAB’s blog for more of Brian’s coverage.

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NYAB Embed:the ‘Evolution of Skate’

Amanda Scigaj 2010-10-07

State enthusiast group Shoe Power put together this video compressing 30+ years of skate history, using an RED camera.


For Soiree Au Louvre: XXXX Magazine’s Video Installation at the French Embassy

Rena Silverman 2010-06-15

Indira Cesarine makes a language of her videos; a narrative-free visual language that somehow, through only a fleeting image, evokes the strongest emotional response, a most hunted talent among those in the “branding” industry.


‘Cyberpunk’ Hits the Ceiling: Lee Bul at Lehmann Maupin

Brian Fee 2010-05-04

…these seven fantastic labyrinthine wood-and-metal hanging works, all jagged angles and impossible corners, as though they inhabit several higher dimensions.

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The Other Artist is Present: Amir Baradaran at MoMA

Farrah Sarafa 2010-04-10

Each act was laden with dance, song and strong cultural references that provoked, challenged and entertained the ‘other artist,’ museum attendees and cameras.


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