Why Can’t These Women be Beautiful? An Interview with Sofia Maldonado

Amanda Scigaj 2010-04-29

“I just want to say right now, if you dress like that, girl, honestly, there’s nothing wrong. The only way its wrong is that we’ve been told for centuries, from time to time, that sort of look is negative.”


Developing from Tags to Tantra: An Interview with Rachel Budde

Eric Morrell 2010-04-06

Budde’s work is exotic, colorful and always fun to look at.


Guggenheim Graffiti Artist Says, “Thanks for not pressing charges!”

Teri Duerr 2009-08-10

Six questions for Mat Benote, the controversial artist behind the recent clandestine “fine art graffiti” at the Guggenheim Museum.


A Time to Hate: an Interview with Curator David Hunt

Amanda Scigaj 2009-07-21

NYAB catches up with David at Lisa Cooley Fine Art to discuss how his current show’s theme of schadenfreude applies to the blogosphere and the state of the art world in a retrograde economy.

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The Art Outlaws of “1(212): The City’s Summer Heist”

Evelyn Kim 2009-07-17

Forget “Pelham 123″—Heist Gallery’s “1(212)” is the summer’s anti-blockbuster art show. From fast cash vestibules to drag racers and talk show hosts, this series lays bare a fantastical, feral, fun and funky celebration of the city.


Summer School at “The University of Trash”

Alyssa Tang 2009-07-15

Michael Cataldi, one of the organizers behind the current pedagogical experiment at SculptureCenter, sits down to go over the syllabus.


WK Interact and the Dimensions of Fear

Isabel Kirsch 2009-07-13

WK Interact is an illustrious figure in street art and has been an important influencer of what street art represents in New York City today. His images started popping up in the late ’90s in downtown New York: graphic black and white three-dimensional human figures, all engaged in some kind of extreme motion. The motion […]

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The Dust Diaries

Amanda Scigaj 2009-07-07

NYAB talks with dust, the German/Swiss artist and toy designer whose current exhibition is up at My Plastic Heart on the LES.


Ben Frost: Alive in Brooklyn

Evelyn Kim 2009-06-26

NYAB talks with artist Ben Frost about his new show “Plague Landscapes,” which addresses the effects of media and advertising on the individual and society.


A Line Drawn, Constructed, and Crocheted

Matt Schlecht 2009-06-10

Take a look at the artists involved in NYAB’s one year anniversary party and exhibition, including a video interview with Shantell Martin, who will be doing a live drawing performance.


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