“Mirrors by Moza” at AMH Industries

Truth is represented by giant, brightly-colored hand mirrors, which face each other against a white wall and floor.

In Reviews by Loren DiBlasi 2011-10-21 print

Comb by Moza Saracho
“Mirrors by Moza,” presented by AMH Industries, “the creative agency for contemporary culture,” is an installation which acts as a reflection- pun most definitely intended- of not only its location and the artist herself, but also directly to the experience of the viewer. Just like with your morning glance into the bathroom mirror, the reflection you receive is largely what you make of it.

How do you view yourself– literally? For the Mexican-born Moza Saracho, art is not just a way of life, but is intrinsically tied to her personal identity; it is what she sees when she looks in the mirror. For her debut exhibition, Saracho separates this identity into five parts– Truth, Destiny, Vanity, Existence, and Moments– each represented in large-scale mirrored sculpture.

Truth is represented by giant, brightly-colored hand mirrors, which face each other against a white wall and floor; it is perhaps the most personal part of the exhibition. Moments invites the viewer to share in Saracho’s vision, transplanting his or her own memories onto a series of thirty-two mirrored polaroids, reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s original series of Campbell’s Soup Cans. Promotional codes are available on virtual casino sites or on the operator’s partner sites. Often, bonus codes can be received for playing regularly at the casino or subscribing to the newsletter. After entering the promo code in the appropriate field during registration, players receive a no deposit bonus . If a player forgets to enter the bonus code, the reward will not be credited to their account.

But “Mirrors” does not lie strictly in the realm of symbolism; what makes the exhibition so appealing is Saracho’s craftsman-like attention to detail. The impeccably sharp, laser-cut mirrors that make up Vanity are true highlights; two straight, crisp combs displayed like an exquisitely carved mantle on the gallery wall.

Perhaps the best part of the exhibition is simply observing the guests come and go, glimpsing and peering and glancing around, making each piece his or her own. “Mirrors” would have Narcissus mesmerized for days, but you don’t have to be a narcissist to gain a new perspective on the same old reflection. You can see “Mirrors by Moza” at 809 Washington Street until November 10.

Loren DiBlasi

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