Local Streets, Global Art on Show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

NYAB covered Artlog, the Williamsburg Gallery, and phillipsARTexpert.com’s guided street art tour last Friday as part of Williamsburg’s ongoing second Friday of the month art happenings.

In Photo Reports by Kosuke Fujitaka 2008-10-11 print

Friday night NY Art Beat joined the Williamsburg street art tour organized by our friends at Artlog, the Williamsburg Gallery Association (WGA) and phillipsARTexpert.com. Urban art specialist, Alex Smith, from phillipsARTexpert.com guided more than 100 people around Bedford Avenue, an area known for its numerous and ever-changing “bombing” spots.

Graffiti, once anonymous and often localized, has become an unstoppable worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to increased mobility, aided by digital cameras and built-in-phone cameras, Flickr and geotagging, street artists, as Smith prefers to call them, travel globally and come to trendy urban neighborhoods like Williamsburg to give their “brands” some exposure, where graffiti has become recognized, global, accepted and iconic.

NY Art Beat went around looking at the work of some of these world class celebrity artists, and if you would like your walls to be “vandalized,” don’t miss this great opportunity on October 26, 2008.

The tour met at Supreme Trading. Don't miss the Artlog logo! Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Urban art specialist Alex Smith guided us first to some Mr. Brainwash. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Judith Supine and Bortusk Leer next to Academy Records. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Mr. Brainwash's ''Life is Beautiful.'' Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Mr. Brainwash. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Shephard Fairey's ''Progress'' and ''Pink Cloud.'''' Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Faile on a rusted box. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Obey Giant meets old school tagging. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

KAWS' ''Chum.'' Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Faile, c215, and Peru Ana Ana Peru. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Nick Walker's recent work. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Os Gemeos. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

It felt oddly funny and surreal to be part of the big tour of people, about 100, walking around Friday night Williamsburg searching for street art. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

Last stop, Nick Walker's big giraffe licking vandal. Photo © 2008 Kosuke Fujitaka.

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Kosuke Fujitaka

Kosuke Fujitaka. Born in Osaka, 1978. Graduated with a BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo. He wrestled with Excel and Power Point in the Sony Ericsson R&D, cost control and marketing departments for three years before launching Tokyo Art Beat with Paul Baron and Olivier Thereaux in 2004. In 2008, he moved back to NYC, where a decade ago he had come across many important life elements, and has now launched New York Art Beat. Kosuke is also a co-founder of 101 Tokyo, a young international art fair in Tokyo happening every April. He thinks that art leveraged by IT, wine and beer can make the world a better place. Personal page as art guide (Only in Japanese) » See other writings


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