NYAB Gets Confluxed

NYAB hit the art and technology festival Conflux to talk with artists and get psychogeographic. Today (Sunday) is the final day of Conflux, which features over 100 artists in a series of talks, events, guided tours and performances around the city. All of today’s events are free and open to the public.

In Photo Reports by Teri Duerr 2008-09-14 print

This past week over one hundred local and international artists converged on New York City with their gadgets, guided concept tours and a DIY, cross-medium, cross-discipline ethic for the fifth (and final) Conflux Festival. Tackling the theme of psychogeography, or the investigation of contemporary life at the intersection of society, technology and art, the four-days of lectures, performances and projects comes to a close today.

NYAB visited the Conflux Headquarters, located in Greenwich Village at the Center for Architecture, to talk with artists and get confluxed. All of today’s events are free and open to the public.

Conflux 2008. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Some folks from MAKE MAGAZINE with their Bluetooth enabled chat box. When a Bluetooth device happens near, their device initiates a conversation. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

A re-mapping project with visiting UK artist Rupert Hartley (pictured center). ''It's a way to re-envision our urban environment,'' he said. Initial sketches are taken from the Conflux area maps, and participants create new geographic connections from these starting points. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

The Conflux library. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

''Tour in a Box.'' Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

This particular tour mapped out a journey to trace Barack Obama in NYC as a young man. Tour takers were given notes, maps, directions and a recording device to either listen to, or record their own notes. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

The Conflux swing, a green & yellow mass of rope installed on the outside scaffolding, was cut down by the NYPD after an angry woman complained about swinging on the sidewalk. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Remnants of the swing. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

AFFRICALLS? film screening. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Reclaiming public parking space as public picnicking space on a Saturday afternoon. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

''Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea'' performance by Swoon & Crew at Deitch Studios later that evening. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

 Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.


Teri Duerr

Teri Duerr. Teri lives in Brooklyn where she co-runs Horse+Dragon NYC, a boutique agency that puts creative talents to work on publicity, editing, design, and events/exhibitions for artists, writers and nonprofit friends. She has spent much of the last year launching publicity campaigns for films at Tribeca, Sundance, SXSW, MoMA, and for television broadcast. In addition to being a contributing editor for the highly dubious culture publication Chief Magazine, and a book reviews editor for Mystery Scene, she spent four years as director and editorial mentor for the Minneapolis teen girls’ magazine Chicas in the Mix, followed In 2000 by editor in chief posts at events & culture magazines Tokyo Scene and Kansai Scene in Japan. Her editorial and photo production work has appeared in places like Best Life, The Source, Men’s Health, Organic Style, Vogue Korea, Vogue China, and most recently Tom Tom Magazine and CODE. » See other writings


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