“Paper City” opening at Mixed Greens

“Paper City” at Mixed Greens in Chelsea opened July 10, 2008 with a playful summer show featuring 12 artists who have reimagined the humble medium of paper as colorful and pretty sculptures, site-specific installations, and video.

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Among the many bustling openings and heavy hitters in Chelsea last evening, “Paper City” stood out as one of the most playful and pretty of the bunch. A friendly summer show featuring works sourced from paper, the 12 artists on view have reimagined their humble medium as colorful sculptures, site-specific installations, wall-based works, and even video.

Artists on view include:
Noriko Ambe, Sonya Blesofsky, Rob Carter, Lisa Coulson, Susan Hamburger, Krista Hoefle, Sarah Kabot, Yumiko Matsui, Mia Pearlman, Andrew Scott Ross, Mary Temple, Kako Ueda

Gallery goers on a sunny, summer afternoon on 26th Street. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
A woman stealthily repositions a piece of Sonya Blesofsky's concrete brick installation. Luckily, it's only paper-mâché. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Nobody noticed--except that guy, and that guy, and those guys, and that woman over there. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Sarah Kabot's replica of MG's gallery lighting. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Lisa Coulson's 'Nest' sculpture. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Susan Hamburger's foam core cabinet. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Krista Hoefle's hanging human heart. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Osakan artist Yumiko Matsui with one of her miniature Japanese city streets. Her mini replicas of iconic Japanese city spaces were big crowd-pleasers. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
A Tokyo city intersection in Shibuya. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Tokyoites nestled within a paper cutout of the word Tokyo in kanji. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
A night vista of Osaka's Dotonbori River. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
One of Mia Pearlman's intricate paper cutouts. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

A wake of Grolsch and kimchi-flavored ice cream detritus from Miwa Koizumi's 'NY Flavors Ice Cream Stand' performance (happening next door at the George Adams Gallery). Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

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