Opening Preview of “Home Delivery” at MoMA

Finally after several weeks of hot summer building, MoMA’s PopRally is set for their hot sold-out preview party.

poster for

"Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling" Exhibition

at The Museum of Modern Art
in the Midtown area
This event has ended - (2008-07-20 - 2008-10-20)

In Photo Reports by Teri Duerr 2008-07-20 print

Five model dwellings have replaced the lines of snaking tourists on the 54th Street lot adjacent to MoMA. The new real estate is part of the museum’s latest show “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling,” a look at all that’s fab in prefab architecture. Finally after several weeks of hot summer building, MoMA threw a sold-out house party, PopRally style, to celebrate their newest show.

Featured architects include:
KieranTimberlake Associates, Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier, Horden Cherry Lee Architechts/Haack + Höpfner Architects. MIT School of Architecture and Planning/Associate Professor Lawrence Sass, and Kaufmann | Rüf Architects.

Lot view of ''Home Delivery.'' Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

The Cellophane House by Stephen and James Timberlake was arguably the star of the show, though someone was overheard remarking, ''It looks so big from the outside, but there's surprisingly little living space once you get inside.'' Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

One of many stairwells inside the Cellophane House, a four-story space (not including the empty ground level). Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Above: Party-goers in the kitchen. Right: View of the Cellophane House's interior. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

View from the top. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Digitally Fabricated Housing for New Orleans by MITSAP and Associate Professor Lawrence Sass. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

BURST*008 by Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

BURST*008's light bursts as seen beneath the amazing structure. Unfortunately this was all we saw as it was roped off from the crowd. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

A happy summer crowd chilling on the steps of BURST*008. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

DJ Matt Radune at the turntables. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

The DJ Tropical Jeremy and DJ Matt Radune crew get the party started. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Beach ball games. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Inside SYSTEM3 by Oskar Leo Kaufmann and Albert Rüf, Kaufman. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.
Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Hallo Berlin! Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Hallo Berlin with brats, Obama and Mao. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

The micro compact home by Richard Horden, Lydia Haack and John Höpfner was an extremely slick and very claustrophobic cube of house. Bonus points for the solar panels though. Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

Photo © 2008 Teri Duerr.

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