Emilie Arnoux and Lynn Savarese “POOLSIDE”

Emmanuel Fremin

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[Image: Emilie Arnoux "The Warmest Hour" 60 x 47 in.]
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Fremin Gallery presents POOLSIDE. This exhibition brings together two dynamic artists, Emilie Arnoux and Lynn Savarese, whose work celebrates the passion and euphoria of long summer days spent in the sun.

[Following the CDC guidelines we will be rigorously cleaning and sanitizing the gallery as well as practicing social distancing recommendations. Only 20 people will be allowed inside the gallery at any given time, mask will be required and hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance.]

Emilie Arnoux’s paintings are brilliantly paired with American photographer Lynn Savarese. Together the two artists’ work comes to life in vivid juxtaposition; the gentle flow of water in motion with the play of sunlight on its surface offers up endless summer reveries all the more apropos with dog-days now sadly coming to an end. This exhibition seeks to satisfy our intense longing for one last tryst in the sun.

Arnoux hails from Normandy, France. From a young age, she became fascinated by the ocean and the laid back lifestyle surf-culture engenders. Her work captures the divine energy and the jubilation experienced when diving into cool water for relief from the hot-hot heat; tan bikini-clad bodies soaking up vitamin D by the pool while bobbing enticingly in bright-red inflatable rafts. Arnoux’s neo art-deco style is drenched in a certain Americana nostalgia, reminiscent of David Hockney and at times Toulouse-Lautrec. She reduces three-dimensional objects to flat geometric shapes that feel at once contemporary and modern, recalling beach-side postcards of the 1950s and 60s.

Savarese’s favorite subject, too, is water, in all of its manifestations from calm to turbulent; from gently lapping to crashing in frothy tumult. In her portrayals of water, she strives to evoke the ways in which this universal elixir uniquely soothes, excites, inspires, consoles, renews, delights, and awes. Savarese has traversed the globe to capture water’s beauty; from the Hamptons, the Adirondacks, and Martha’s Vineyard, to Iceland, Australia, the Caribbean, Patagonia, Europe, and Japan. Her featured images focus on the mesmerizing ways in which water surfaces collaborate with intense summer light and serve as exquisite canvases for abstract artistic renderings. Savarese’s aquatic portraits offer a dynamic connection with Arnoux’s paintings of glimmering water, with each artist inviting or daring viewers to dive right in.

POOLSIDE resonates with a complex prism of sun-drenched hues; Savarese’s images are rich in cobalt blues, teals, and whites, while Arnoux’s vivid pastel color palette employs a range of saturated blues, greens, and oranges. The two artists’ intimate portrayals of water reflect a deep affinity, while retaining an inspired uniqueness. Together, the exquisite works illustrate in living color the exhilarating sensations of summertime. You can still feel the heat from the sun on your skin, the lovely relief from the weight of gravity that water provides, the subtle burn of chlorine from the pool, coconut flavors from thickly applied suntan lotion wafting on the balmy air, and the delicious taste of salt from the ocean on your chapped lips.



from September 17, 2020 to October 31, 2020


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