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White Columns Online ‘Cloud Memories’ curated by Adrianne Rubenstein

Usually I find art in the world by following ant trails, which leaves a map of sorts, it’s easy to sort out how I got there, through whom and why, and yet it’s a near total mystery when something speaks back. I curated this exhibition by clicking over and over again on the random select button of the White Columns registry page. Is that how everyone does it? The artworks enclosed speak to patterns in nature, psychology and dream space that echo memories, made up memories, things I have never seen. The imagination.

Early memories consist of natural scenes for most of us. Our bodies are formed by nature and before we access language we’re interpreting color and sound the way we interpret trees and light after we have language. There is a deep affinity for the soulfulness of the natural environment, the shapes which allude to it, curves, color, translucency, light, reflection. In abstraction we have knotted emotions densely organized and expanded, articulated, suggested through the mirror knowledge of touch and time. I look at a thing and understand instantly how it was made by the body, a primal act with intention and purpose but also a swipe or a smear.

Narrative works encompass simultaneous worlds that are at once literal and metaphorical. Like a fable with dark energy and a positive moral, everything is witchcraft and a cauldron and the fire under the cauldron and the vision inside the crystal ball or the fire. The right and wrong way to go through things. A scene, slightly inaccessible is positioned among a few objects all of which have a meaning and are also people, each of whom suggests an interaction and an ending.

Our moral predicament is described through the pictures and places that are everywhere and nowhere, cooked up with barest knowledge. The sounds that come naturally before language, the light in Plato’s cave, a quickly disappearing spaceship, the shadow of a giant fir tree. A rainbow, a rabbit disappearing inside a cabbage patch. A carrot. Everything in the world is beautiful because of the possibility of nothing and the spell it casts over anything that we might be allowed.

This exhibition is the eleventh in a series of online exhibitions; this exhibition was curated from White Columns’ Artist Registry.

Participating Artists Include:
Karen Barbour,
Hannah Rose Dumes,
Amanda Friedman ,
Austin Furtak-Cole,
Erin Hunt,
Emily J Kiacz,
Benjamin King,
Alexandra Lakin,
Margaret Mousseau,
Jennifer Sullivan,



from January 23, 2020 to March 07, 2020

Opening Reception on 2020-01-23 from 18:00 to 20:00

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