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F. Emmanuel Bastien
The Merit is to be Alive

“The streets of Havana are almost empty. There is no music or alcohol allowed and most businesses are closed. The anxiety is palpable.

At the news of Fidel Castro’s death I went to Cuba to photograph flag-waving, teary-eyed faces along the funeral procession.

Instead, in search of capturing the mood during the nine-day morning period, I quickly found myself staring at fugitive figures reflected in the windows of closed shops.”

Edward Lakeman
Tokyo Sanpo

This series explores the backstreets in and around Tokyo.

Thom O’Connor
Something About the Light

“I like photographing in Southern California. In winter, the morning and evening sunlight takes center stage: warm, friendly, and welcoming.

What’s harsh and ordinary at mid-day, becomes alluring when wrapped in the romantic light of early morning or late afternoon. Landscapes are more powerful, shadows more mysterious.

Early Hollywood filmmakers came for Southern California’s diverse terrain and accommodating weather.

Like me, they probably also loved the light.”

Ruth Raskin

“I wanted to play with perception. When we see a lit bulb, we assume the light is emanating from within. But these lightbulbs are lit with flashlights on a black background in a dark room. By turning the light on the bulbs, instead of stealing the light from the bulbs, I allowed these everyday objects to shine in an unexpected way.”

Allison Rufrano

“Drawn to the unknown, I am an artist that pushes the photographic medium to reveal a vision that questions reality. Releasing my inner emotions, my process is deeply rooted in the female psyche, using my work to act as a mirror. A subconscious reflection reveals the internal complexities of life, often dealing with loss and uncertainty. Tapping into the viewer’s perception, I look to create a personal dialogue between my work and the observer.”

Hans Weiss
Death of Venice

“These pictures show an apocalyptic vision. Venice is falling apart, set on fire and flooded. Even the people seem to stem from another place and another age. In the end, monstrous pigeons and bizarre human creatures are ruling.

These pictures are reflections of the cityscape in water puddles. Their eerie colors and shapes are caused by debris, mud, leaves, undercoating, dirt and wind. To show them in the exhibition, I turn them upside down.”

Stuart Zalka
Found/The World At Your Feet

“This portfolio was created during the spring and summer of 2017 by collecting street-found detritus and capturing the images on a flatbed scanner. The portfolio may remind photographers that photographs are where you look for them, so watch your step.”



from December 06, 2017 to December 30, 2017

Opening Reception on 2017-12-05 from 18:00 to 20:00

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