“Other Romances” Exhibition

Rachel Uffner Gallery

poster for “Other Romances” Exhibition
[Image: Xylor Jane "12/21" (2016) Oil on panel, 16 x 20 in. Image courtesy of the artist and CANADA.]

This event has ended.

Curated by Em Rooney

Sometimes I like to imagine a piece of fabric, hung between two trees, strong enough to hold my entire core comfortably -not a thong and not a hammock but somewhere in between. I want to hang here, gravity pulling my hips towards the ground in opposite directions, with my arms loose, and my eyes closed, seeing the red sky through my lids.

Architectures, and their byproducts, get into us, with their awe, with their traumas of alienation, and never go away. We build our own houses of worship, sew our own clothes, and accept the codes that have been put upon us neither better, nor worse, but always.

As our mortal bonds are subjugated to continual suppression at the hands of infrastructure (some as benign as waiting rooms, or subway cars-some as maleficent as pipelines, or holding cells), and as these structures etch through our landscape and hover over our heads we float, not quite poets but between poetry and the sun-in the realm of the visual. We see/feel/imagine industrial forces and respond to them with our bodies, through the production of images, through the production of ourselves.



from September 10, 2017 to October 29, 2017

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