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Onishi Gallery presents ‘O-TSUKIMI’, a stunning exhibition of photography by Koshu Endo. In this exhibition, Endo shares his works exlusively within the subject matter of the moon and the night sky. Among the people who have visited Endo’s exhibitions, some come to tears from looking at the photos. Not only the human race, but every form of life on this planet owes its existence to the sun. The fact that someone came to tears from looking at the photo may mean that the photo has subconsciously captured the sensitivity that people have within them.
Koshu Endo was born in 1954 in Nagano Prefecture. He graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Science and Engineering from Waseda University. Apart from photographing a variety of scenes including art, portraits, scenery, celestial bodies and the like, Endo also performs integrated works of art such as design and copywriting. In 2015, he hosted large-scale photo galleries at Takashimaya in Nihonbashi, Kyoto, Osaka, and Yokohama, attracting approximately 80,000 people.

Endo originally wanted to be a scientist. The job of a scientist is to experiment and observe daily to oversee the course of things. However, those tasks are not limited to the fields of science; they are also important when attempting to understand the essence of things which cannot be seen unless you take a firm close look.

For that reason, he takes photos as a way to capture the essence of things. In our daily lives, various events come and go. And we might be overlooking important things. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to take a moment and think about things. And since our eyes are subjective, the act of capturing a moment objectively through a photo, a multifaceted perspective, is important.

Koshu Endo will also have a solo show at Okuda Genso Sayume Art Museum in Hiroshima, Japan from September 1st to November 5th, 2017.
When I take a picture, I say to myself; “If you really pay attention to the things around you, you will find the beauty of the universe.” The universe shows its unlimited beauty to anyone, at anytime. It gives us stars at night, skies at dawn and dusk, shiny light from the sun on the water’s surface, and flowers and insects alive beside the road. I believe the universe contains everything and its essence is just beautiful. (Quotation from “Gifts from The Universe”, 2007, Koshu Endo)



from September 07, 2017 to September 16, 2017

Opening Reception on 2017-09-07 from 18:30 to 20:00


Koshu Endo

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