“Examining Movement & Gestures” “Remixing Dreams: Cheating the Status Quo” and “On the Wall”

Carter Burden Gallery

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Examining Movement & Gestures
Jonathan Bauch & Francie Lyshak

Remixing Dreams: Cheating the Status Quo
Nieves Saah

On the Wall
Bruce W. Greenwood

Carter Burden Gallery presents three new exhibitions: Examining Movement & Gestures in the East Gallery featuring Jonathan Bauch and Francie Lyshak, Remixing Dreams: Cheating the Status Quo in the West Gallery featuring Nieves Saah, and On the Wall featuring Bruce W. Greenwood.

In his fourth exhibition at Carter Burden Gallery sculptor Jonathan Bauch presents wall and freestanding steel sculptures that explore the challenges that humanity faces, both internal and external. In Examining Movement & Gestures Bauch contrasts two forms of movement, physical and quick gestures represented by abstracted dancing figures in small-scale pedestal pieces, and a slower more methodical motion that reflects our changing environment. Bauch states: “In working with the steel, the industrial quality of the medium is tempered by the indelible mark of the human hand, resulting in sculptures that seem to defy their material with their ethereal qualities.”

In On the Wall Bruce W. Greenwood presents an installation entitled The Organizing Principle/Evolution in his first solo show for Carter Burden Gallery. For this installation the inspiration of Greenwood was to execute a single, elegant line evocative of the female torso that would also be instantly recognized as the artist’s signature stroke. Employing a series of grids, transparencies and overlays, Greenwood utilizes unpainted sheetrock and delicate pencil lines to construct an anthropological model of the human figure.

In Examining Movement & Gestures Francie Lyshak presents recent paintings in her third exhibition at Carter Burden Gallery. In her latest series of monochromatic oil paintings, Lyshak explores the medium itself and the aesthetic effects of mark making. The works are experiments with paint and painter’s tools, with a focus on color simplicity and the influence of light and texture. Lyshak states: “At its simplest level, a painting is an interaction between the paint and the artist’s eye, hand, and mind. The painter’s stage is a canvas.”

Remixing Dreams: Cheating the Status Quo features new works by painter Nieves Saah. The rich color palette of Saah’s paintings reflect not only her life in Spain, a country with a vast, colorful art history, but also her extensive travels in South America, other parts of Europe, and the Middle East. Her compositions are complex and usually consist of contrasting colors. She creates the imagery by stacking colors next to each other then taking away what she feels is unnecessary and moving “the paint to where whimsy and a lifetime of skill dictates.” Saah’s paintings are emotional and often express stories of her own life.



from April 06, 2017 to April 27, 2017

Opening Reception on 2017-04-06 from 18:00 to 20:00

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