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“The China Young Artist Invitational Exhibition” as a young Chinese art expo, is a continuation of “The First China Young Artist Invitational Exhibition” which was held at Today Art Museum in Beijing during 2011. It has gone far beyond the firstfrom the aspects of the diversity of the exhibition and display scale. This exhibition attractedstudents in college and graduate school, printmaking graduates and a large number of young Chinese excellent printmaking artists. The diversity and quality of work style also beyond the past. Organizing committee carefully selected 63 out of more than 300 printmaking artists to join in this year’s “China Young Artist Invitational Exhibition”, and hopes to be able toembody the style and features of young Chinese printmaking artists from awilder perspective.

Printmaking hasmore than one thousand years history in China, however engraving with its own replication and transmission characteristics, hasn’t been regarded as an independent art form in China. Also, engraving art language cannot jump out of the circle of technology, so that the perception from art world about engraving seems to always existence in the small flied of entertaining own printmaking artists. As a raw “talent”,China Print art stay outside of contemporary art circle.

Since the 1990 s, printmaking has more and more opportunities to participate in the “art”, as an independent “art” language participate in the contemporary artat China. Artists’ insistenceon technology can ensure the art implementation,and this positive language form for print makes the print art retain in the professional depth and pioneering. On the other hand, entrepreneurial printmaking artists are willing to pull out the unique value and connotation from the bondage of the professional techniques. They spun offthe creation of engraving art into thecontext of contemporary art; bring the power of the prints, and find new possibilities and breakthroughin the contemporary art.

In this exhibition, we will be delighted to see that China print has a rich and varied landscape, as well as more extensibility and expand the intrinsic value of naturefrom the perspective of theme, content and form. Printmaking is beyond its inherent image, it breaks into an opening in the art of the carrier, and artists continue exploring based on printmaking innovation. The most important, in today’s contemporary art open and diverse environment, there are still many artists fall in love, focus on constantly insisting and creation in the engraving print with a sense of mission and devotion. We also see, from the students to the mature young Chinese printmaking artists, and even the outstanding Chinese printmaking artists, their range of artworks are no longer confined to print, they also pick up and use the brush, the material, camera, video camera, etc. to create print art. They have their unique thinking and participation with painting, ideas, and device. They move further and freely from starting point.

Hope this exhibition can make more viewers understand Chinese new generation of printmaking artists and the development of Chinese contemporary printmaking.



from January 17, 2014 to January 31, 2014

Opening Reception on 2014-01-17 from 17:00 to 19:00

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