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BOSI Contemporary

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[Image: Cho Joeyong "Milkyway" (2012) mixed media, variable dimension]

This event has ended.

Largo Baracche Project in collaboration with BOSI Contemporary presents Time, a group exhibition curated by Giuseppe Ruffo and Pietro Tatafiore featuring works by: Maria Giovanna Ambrosone, Choi Jaeyong, Dean Dempsey, Erika Harrsch, Anthony Hawley, Arturo Ianniello, Marta Jovanovic, Corrado La Mattina, Francesca Magnani. Time is the dimension where the flow of events is measured and perceived. Its notion is in direct relation to the flux, continuity and duration of an occurrence, allowing us to define past, present and future.

The perception of time makes us understand that the reality in which we are living is continuously modified by tangible actions. Many aspects of human behavior such as a train of thought, a heartbeat, or a conceived idea, manifest the existence of an “interval” defining time.

In order to further understand the nature of time and how to better measure it, mankind invented calendars, watches, hourglasses.

Through History, time has been the object of philosophical and scientific interest. Plato referred to time as the mobile image of eternity while Aristotle claimed that we need to acknowledge the existence of space in order to define time.

According to Immanuel Kant, the central point of philosophy should not be the object but the subject: time becomes, along with space, an “a priori form of sensible intuition.”

If human beings were unable to gauge the passing of time, they would not be able to perceive the world and its objects that, even though they are invisible, are present in space. Space is the “external sense” while time the “internal sense.”

Art has always had a spatial and tangible relationship with time. For Wassily Kandinsky, it overcomes the limits that time tends to impose and points to the future.

This group exhibition at BOSI Contemporary puts into question the value of art. Can art change the future? Is there any difference between past, present, and future? Is there a “cynical” time? Can time fix errors? What about horrors?



from September 07, 2014 to September 27, 2014

Opening Reception on 2014-09-07 from 18:00 to 21:00

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