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Every artist is probably influenced by a culture, either his/her own or another one. It could be sculptures, paintings, collages, photography, and so on. It has to show an influence of a culture/country. "MADE IN NY" means that this is a local NY artist group show and the subtitle "from where?" means the artwork made in NY is influenced by other countries or cultures.
Curator: Megumi Chiaya

Zilan Fan
Zilan Fan was born and raised in Suzhou, China. Right now he is studying Master of Fine Arts in Pratt Institute. He is a freelance documentary and editorial photographer specializing in performing arts photography. He became involved in the photography in 2003, when he first time saw World Press Photo Award at that year. From that time he has put all his passions for photography. He has always been obsessed with observing the world around him which art can record. At the very beginning, he took photos out of eagerness to take down the spectacular scenery on his journey. Gradually he picked up the habit of taking his camera with him all the time so that he can use it whenever he encounters something that attracts him. Then he started to realize that he doesn’t necessarily need to go to a tourist attraction to look for beautiful things. They can be found anywhere around him, the smiles of native children, trees and plants, twilight at the end of the day…… What matters is the keen eye for beauty.Photography is a part of the most important thing in his life, it promotes him as a person. While taking shots himself, the search for beauty in nature helps him to see the inner beauty of people and learn to live with gratitude. His experience of capturing images helps him to see this world with a grateful heart. He believes taking photographs is something him will do all his life.

Lu Zhang
b. 1986, Xi’an, China. I am currently living in Brooklyn, New York. For the past 4 years, mostly, I have been working on a black and white film series, Gloomy Earth, dealing with issues regarding beauty and the sense of isolate. I have also been searching for the self-identity, exploring self, as a subject and was interested in investigating the idea of relationships, divers representations of human being, both physical and psychological, external and inner parts. I received my BA degree from Xi’an Jiao Tong University in 2008. I am studying Photography for my MFA degree at Pratt Institute.

Yesora Song
She was born and raised in South Korea and now living in New York. In January 2013, she moved to New York in order to expend her art career. Her works have been recognized with plentiful awards since early age. She enjoys trying different types of paintings and reformatting subjects. She is currently working with Clean & Clear as a collaborating editor. Awards and Honors Honorable Mention in Water Color in Art Competition of Dukwon Art School Honorable Mention in Drawing in Art Competition of Goyang Art School The highest score in Art Competition of Art Academy Association And more..

CEE-MO (HIROYUKI SHIMODA) / WWW.CEE-MO.COM (MO'&MO' Producer/Designer) Project "MO'&MO'", directed and produced by CEE-MO , revolves around clothing line inspired by vintage 80's and 90's fashion. With awareness of "Something Old" and "Something New", MO'&MO' filters through current/upcoming beats, such as B-more Brakes and Electro House music.mo'&mo' brings you Freshness with cutting edge items, with essence of the sports, culture and music of the time.

Megumi Chiaya
Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Megumi Chiaya studies various forms of design, including fashion, graphic, and web design. She has had an interest in making things ever since she was a child, producing her own accessories and clothing in her first year of middle school. She finds inspiration from her travels to Thailand and Paris and from Showa-era art. Her extraordinary collage-graphic style is a flood of color. Through her art, Megumi believes she can share emotionally moving moments with many different people.

She also created the design group POI Design & Decoration with help from her friends at the Osaka general store OMIYAGE.
“The desire for faith to become the core of self when facing the anxiety of self-reflection.” This thinking was the motivation for these works.
The theme behind her art is “protective charm”. There are things in this world that provide power or a sense of security. Megumi attempts to create representations of these charms to promote faith in the viewer.
From here, she wishes to enjoy creating emotionally moving moments with decorative art, uniting graphics and textiles in her works.

Nov.20th.2009『Lamp harajyuku MEXICO CHIDO』pop up store
sep.1st.2009 Design&Decoration POI solo Exhibition @OMIYAGE

Itoko Nakahara
Itoko Nakahara was born in Hokkaido, Japan. She studied illustration and graphic design at Hokkaido College of Arts & Design in Sapporo. After graduation from the art school, she worked as a full-time office administrator at Hokkaido University, as well as a freelance graphic designer. As a professional graphic designer, she created a lot of event flyers and company logos. In 2009, she moved to the United States because of her husband’s new job in New Jersey.

Miki Ishikawa
Miki Ishikawa was born and raised in Japan. In her childhood she loved doodling and having daydreams. When she turned to be a high school student in Japan, she decided going to the art school, Idyllwild Arts Academy in the United States. After she graduated from the school, majored in fine arts, she went to Santa Monica College and studied 2D, 3D animation. She moved back to Japan and worked in motion picture companies. However, she felt that she wanted to create hand made works, so she came back to America and started to go to the School of Visual Arts and studied illustration and graduated BFA 2012. Right now, she is a freelance illustrator in New York City.

Mandy Mei
She was born in New York and raised in China. She started drawing since she was 8. Mandy's first time being in an art group show was in New York when she was in 7th grade and someone bought her painting. Then in 8th grade, she won 1st place statewide for the "Career Development Poster Contest." Now, she is studying Graphic Design and Language (Spanish) at The NYC College of Technology. After getting her Bachelor's and Master's, she is looking forward to become a freelance graphic designer and an art professor.



from April 24, 2013 to April 28, 2013

Opening Reception on 2013-04-23 from 19:00 to 22:00

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