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A three-year retrospective of the interdisciplinary art of Kathleen and William Laziza, founders of the Micro Museum where the Brooklyn Rail called them “wickedly inventive” and coinciding with the couple’s 30th year together, opens May 15, 2010. Titled ABOVE & BEYOND and opening in chronological sections over three years, through December 20, 2013, it will feature never-before-seen works, including sensitive sculptures, drawings, wearable art pieces, small assemblages, photographs, performance art works, paintings, videos and free-wheeling style.

The exhibit will be open every Saturday from 12 – 7 PM, and also include many accompanying special events. Highlighting the intersection between technology, art and performance is the ABOVE & BEYOND theme reflecting the Laziza’s spontaneous collaborations that produced original interdisciplinary art for over 2 decades. The evolving exhibitions will illustrate different areas of the Laziza’s dynamic force.

ABOVE AND BEYOND was inspired by a recently discovered forgotten suitcase filled with sketchbooks, diagrams of past performance artworks, collages, journals from their worldwide travels in 1979 plus intimate personal writings from the 1970s and ‘80s. Kathleen Laziza says, ”After we got over the shock that we are actually that old…. There was a decision to explore this treasure trove and to skip down memory lane since 2010 is a milestone year for us”. The public is invited to experience the following happenings and visit the eclectic art expression that is pure “Laziza”:

The Kick-Off fundraising party for ABOVE & BEYOND offers a performative experience for everyone. There will be gift baskets, prizes and the evening will be MC’d by “Bingo Master” William Laziza. Kathleen exhibits “Now Wait A Minute” a painting exhibited in TX in 1977 that has a “true story” attached.
The Lazizas will re-introduce an über version of their “Videoscopo” installation. Last exhibited at Micro Museum in 2005, “Videoscopo” features a live videoart kaleidoscope with an interactive music interface.

The Lazizas believe in magic. This winter party will feature tarot readings by Kathleen Laziza for anyone who makes a donation to the museum. Kathleen’s first gallery exhibit of her 22 drawings created from her worldwide travels with William Laziza in 1979. Plus the premiere video screening of the Laziza’s performative work, “Whichever Whichway….. You Send Me” about that travelog in the form of a non-linear narrative will be digitally projected.
“The Videograph” is currently on display in the VIP Room of Micro Museum. William Laziza will introduce another element of the interactive art sculpture, at one time selected as the Millennium example of “Art of The Future” by the NY Times, by showing off it’s audio components. This performative work will explore the “Chromophone” and several collaborating musical guests. This event will celebrate Micro Museum’s 25 years on Smith Street.
From 1982 – 1986 Kathleen Laziza directed a network of performers to create a series of videodances that explored low-tech special effects where William Laziza created over 40 visual instruments and gadgets. These works aired in clubs in the East Village in the mid 1980s – early 1990, most notably the Knitting Factory & HERE. There will be a hands-on exhibit of selected visual instruments. Light Show at 10 PM.

William and Kathleen Laziza will focus this party on the collaborative spirit that has influenced, inspired and encouraged them throughout their 36 years together as artists. They will present their signature performative duet MIXOLOGY with new performers. This 30-minute work will utilize several of the Lazizas visual instruments and interactive sculptures.
Sept 15 LUCKY 8s, 7s, 6s
The Lazizas will exhibit “Videokinesis” with videos from their archives that represent their newest videoart works and many examples of the abstract videoart work that was shown on public access TV from the 1980-1990s. This collection of works have not been aired since the Laziza were invited to contribute to the inaugural programming launching Brooklyn Community Access TV in 1994 when it was still operating out of Boro Hall.

Kathleen Laziza will show a series of never exhibited Assemblages. These small works are usually made of glass and small objects. They represent the whimsical elements based on the Japanese technique of Kazari. The party surrounding this premiere for Laziza will feature DJ music with the hope that the evening will create a number of “dancing fools”.
Drawing was the first art form that the Laziza shared a passion for. They will turn the museum into a large canvas and invite the public to share graffiti and poems on the walls of the front gallery. “Freebird” a performative art work will be created and one that invites the public to add ‘feathers’ to a bird sculpture. Each feathers includes a written wish for peace in the world and at home.

Kathleen and William Laziza, who began Micro Museum in 1986 after working as artists in Austin TX, create empowerment situations by creating opportunities, fostering emerging artists, mentoring first job experiences for NY/NJ teens, supporting talented brain-iacs who are aspiring heavyweights working in professional film, music and hospitality industries at their premiere center devoted to modern emerging artists’ crossroads. MM® also protects a digital media collection plus a pristine 78-RPM collection of Philharmonic music from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

William Laziza is a video artist, electronics engineer, and sculptor. He is an active member if the NE Solar Energy Association Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. William has invented over 40 low-tech optical and lighting instruments for video art that he uses to examine visual designs and transmutations. A consummate video-head and chronic community activist from 1975-2004 in NYC and Texas, William pioneered public access video then continued to produce hundreds of programs which has become the SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION series. Currently, he is the Executive Engineer for CUNY-TV by day and Mr. Micro Museum by night.

Kathleen Laziza is a choreographer, visual artist, and community developer. There is a natural diversity to Kathleen’s artfully motivated life, she started her art career as a visual artist, and studied dance with some of the great modern teachers of the 20th century – Eric Hawkins, Lucia Dlugoszewski, Alwin Nicholas, Murray Louis, Merce Cunningham, Hanya Holmes, and Dalcroze School of Music. After performing with downtown choreographer Nancy Zendora and serving as Director of the Brooklyn Dance Consortium, she exhibited her videos at Walter Reed Theater in Lincoln Center and recently a photography contribution to Art House in Atlanta GA. Kathleen builds three – dimensional works - assemblages, wearable art, and interactive installations. This process puts her in a constant state of registering works with the US Library of Congress.

Exhibit’s Public Hours are Saturdays 12 - 7 PM $2 per person



from May 15, 2010 to December 20, 2013

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