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Seven Peckham-based artists:

James Balmforth, James Capper, Bobby Dowler, Nathan Cash Davidson, Christopher Green, Oliver Griffin and Shaun McDowell will collaborate with Shoot the Lobster in an exhibition of new artworks at the Peckham house that McDowell has used as a studio since 2002.The show will then travel to Shoot the Lobster, NYC and to an as yet undisclosed Paris space.

The artists/musicians first met in 2006 whilst making and exhibiting at Lyndhurst Way, an artist squat house Christopher, Bobby and Oliver lived (2005-2007). The house was responsible for bringing many artists, poets, writers into the area and was an impromptu venue for local bands and musicians.

James Balmforth (born 1980) makes sculptures that are self-defeating monuments; icons of failure. A dagger, associated with the power to take another life, has a brass handle but a gallium blade; if stabbed into a body the metal would melt, as gallium does on contact with human skin. The use of gallium introduces a significant theme in Balmforth’s work; the hidden life of matter, its secret complexities and failures. Recent exhibitions include ‘I heart 3D’ (group, London 2012), ‘One One One’ (group, London 2012), ‘Sculpture al Fresco II’ (group, Ascot 2012),. Forthcoming; ‘New Order - British Art Today’ (London). Lives and works in Peckham, London.

James Capper (born 1987) makes drawings, maquettes and machines. Mechanical processes are central to Capper’s work and he is interested in the innovations of early engineering. Capper is inspired by the contributions made to engineering by prolific inventor Robert Gilmour Le Tourneau (1888–1969). Recent exhibitions include ‘Hydraulic Power Tools’ at The Armory Show (solo, New York 2013), ‘YES’ Young English Sculptors (St.Moritz, Switzerland 2012), ‘Pertaining to things natural’ (London 2012). Lives and works in South-East London.

Nathan Cash Davidson (born 1988) is an artist and lyricist. He makes paintings featuring diverse figures such as King Henry VIII, Mr. Punch, George Bush and Ali G. Characters from historical and popular culture, as well as the artist’s own family members meld with animated gargoyles and mournful mythological creatures in otherworldly forests, cathedrals, desert islands and council estates. Recent exhibitions include ‘Burlesque in which we've thrown it on its head’ (London 2010/2011). Forthcoming: ‘New Order - British Art Today’ (London, April 2013), ‘Painter’s Painters’ (London, TBA 2013) . Lives and works in Peckham, London.

Bobby Dowler (born 1983) deconstructs canvases and stretcher frames in order to reform them with accumulated tools and materials. These procedures stimulate unconventional decisions and techniques, helping to guide a work towards an eventual completion. Recent exhibitions include ‘For Mad Men Only!’ (two-person, London 2013). Forthcoming: two- person show in the New Talent section, Art Brussels (April 2013). Lives and works in Peckham, London.

Christopher Green (born 1983) makes paintings informed by revision and reinterpretation; the experience of living in the world and working in the studio. He is co-founder of the Library of Independent Exchange, a roving reference library and events space with a permanent collection of books from independent publishers. Recent exhibitions include ‘For Mad Men Only!’ (two-person, London 2013), ‘Confidantes’ (solo, London 2012). Forthcoming: two-person show in the New Talent section, Art Brussels (April 2013). Lives and works in Peckham,

Oliver Griffin (born 1983) Griffin’s archive of work includes the psychogeographical observation and documentation of the environment experienced by the photographer. Griffin scavenges his own everyday life for used objects and remnants, and then rigorously catalogues them. Recent exhibitions include ‘The Oliver Griffin Archive’ (solo, London 2013), ‘ES9’ (solo, London 2011), ‘Exercises in Failure’ (curator, London 2011). Lives and works in South-East London.

Shaun McDowell (born 1981) is a sensual mark maker and colourist. Although McDowell’s paintings may at times be inspired by a model or a landscape, in their appearance, his apparently abstract paintings offer little to no context or reference outside the sensuality or immediate experience of viewing the artworks themselves. Recent exhibitions include ‘The Souvenir’ (solo, London 2012), ‘Nothing Fixed’ (curator, London 2011). Shaun McDowell lives and works in and around Peckham, London.


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