"Three pieces from Ante Vojnovic’s Tango Variations" Exhibiton

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hpgrp GALLERY NY presents an opening of "Three pieces from Ante Vojnovic’s Tango Variations," by French artist, Ante Vojnovic. Recently, “The TIME Style & Design Spring 2013” features his art works from the series.

About artist

In 1975, ANTE VOJNOVIC had his first show in Paris. In 60’s, the American Pop Art was very popularized. It has a theme of creative mass production in such life and society, which were becoming very abundant. American Pop Art was not a kind of art that divides the art culture and the lay society, but it became a part of the life of lay people and had a huge impact on the people. Later in 70’s, Minimalism became popular. It denied the subtle but manifesting expression of art and thus eliminated the redundancy in it and explored the space for simple designs and aesthetics of physical mass itself.

Of course, ANTE VOJNOVIC grew up in these times, he was greatly influenced by the art. One can listen to the flow of the influence in his pieces. However, this is not the only thing that can be noticed in his art. He creates his own presence and the presence of each piece with his own words in his own “time, light and space”, which completely transcends the trend.

I believe every one has his or her own understanding of or a way of enjoying art, but when it comes to meet or be exposed to a great art, essential truth became words to us and this experience makes us realize and experience our presence. Our presence becomes alive and conscious to us. I believe such experience will open a door to our unknown possibility and personal growth.


Artist Statement

My name is Ante Vojnovic. I’m busy contemplating the inexistent. I found through creativity a way of life, inventing a far away world. I keep my distances, don’t want to fall in the norm. I want that far away world stripped from preconceived idea of the future or career and without clear out coming, to be guided by one and only path; mine, no sided taken, no cause to defend but just feel the moment. Mesmerized by the excess, the nonsense and the madness, the neutral bores me. Always above the little worries. I love to fight with the universal by devoting myself to the anecdotalism with a coating of beauty.

I realize that I am a mystic, cultivating the nothingness, the need for loneliness is the risk of misanthropy. I discovered how a lonely man is in good company. To be an artist just like toxic man is to live with withdrawals that can only be overcome by the success.

When I am about to create a piece, I do not approach it with an analytical way but rather with intuitive one. When something comes to me and I feel moved by it, I just trust my feelings, I believe that art comes from self confidence and also from one’s ideas, which puts them to a metaphysical level, simply put; I don’t do much, don’t force anything just keep my eyes open staring at the world and try to be connected, all is useable, chairs, tables have an attractive appeal to me as far as I can recall, I imagine them sculptural, non functional, etc…and one morning you go down to the atelier and start creating.



from April 04, 2013 to April 27, 2013

Opening Reception on 2013-04-04 from 18:00 to 20:00


Ante Vojnovic

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