"Anonymous Presence" Exhibition

Y Gallery (319 Grand St.)

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How do we comprehend what we see, and how do we communicate our own empirical knowledge?
"Anonymous Presence" gathers thirteen sources of contemporary aesthetics that explore and reflect on the experiential understanding of perception. There is an intention to make noticeable the unacknowledged, the presumed, the daily ignored, the unintentionally concealed. There is an evident immersion of the self in specific times and places. These artists observe and ponder upon the components that inhabit explicit arenas. By analyzing their own perceptions, they inspect their self awareness based on distinctive cultural or personal levels, reinterpreting and restructuring those essentials that compose their mental constructions.

In "Anonymous Presence", Almanza Pereda and Johanna Unzueta have a hermeneutical approach to indoor objects, examining their possible realities. Ishmael Randall Weeks, Juanli Carrión, and Nícola Lopez explore the significance of architectural entities by intervening or altering them; with a sociological approach, they reinterpret the process of construction raising inquiries about the anthropological needs and origins of each structure. Adam Henry, Emily Mae Smith, and Omar Barquet based their perceptual inquires in interior mental spaces, reinterpreting the surfaces and the materials employed. Similarly, Aldo Chaparro embraces the vision of those who experience the space in-situ, reflecting upon the current instant, and redirecting the sight to the contiguous existing entities. Wolfgang Staehle and Monika Bravo focus on the inanimate elements of specific landscapes and the interchangeable objects that are in subtle, but constant enactment; properly they suggest the implicit importance of these objects, to make us aware of our own presence. Borea and Ibañez Lario activate a pause in the experimentation of space; they have reinterpreted the capacities of forgotten technologies, and suggest a reinterpretation from the experiencing viewer.

"Anonymous Presence" examines the presence of elements that exist or have existed as daily overlooked details, unnoticed structures, or aspects in space that have become eternally uncovered, forgotten, left behind, or vanished in the process of creation. With a spatial focus to indoor and outdoor places, each work questions the possible realities of the unacknowledged entities as fundamental -beings- in space.

[Image: Wolfgang Staehle "Island" Image interval 5 seconds Duration 24 hours]


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