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Martos Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Graham Caldwell’s latest installations.

Manipulating glass to the limits of its expandability, Caldwell creates surfaces marked by crumpled and stretched distortions. These agglomerations simultaneously recall stainless steel and shriveled skin, quite an unfamiliar pairing. The spectrum of forms and structures embodies an otherworldliness found in microorganisms or evolutionarily complex sea creatures.

Teetering between playful and sinister, much of Caldwell's work hinges on the importance of viewer interaction. In one work the convergence of angles toys with the viewer's understanding of perspective. One's own image is contorted as if by multiple funhouse mirrors. In another work, planes of iridescent glass are interlocked in an organic, geodesic structure. Seemingly less concerned with the viewer's presence, this work plays a mise en abyme within its own brightly hued peaks and valleys.

A large free standing sculpture hovers like a forensic reenactment of an explosion. Thousands of shards of glass, each frozen in an outward trajectory, are held in place by an exoskeletal scaffolding. This fleeting moment is captured through an acute awareness of the medium's physical capabilities, as developed through a rigorous, experimental studio practice.

Caldwell's installations evoke both a primordial, tectonic Pangea and invasive futuristic megastructures. Each beckons and challenges the viewer to explore its surfaces and its dense layers.



from September 08, 2011 to October 08, 2011

Opening Reception on 2011-09-08 from 18:00 to 20:00


Graham Caldwell

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