"Art Live Turns Five" Exhibition

Chair and the Maiden

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This year's creative drive is likened to beating a dead horse, on the one hand the intensity of the conviction is admirable, while on the other there exists an element of blindsidedness. Such determination is valiant, but is mired by its own conflictive nature. The question of culture and its survival in a world brought too close too quickly has come to surface.

The assimilation into a new referential culture, losing distinction in stride with the loss of physical boundaries and borders, has the purity of differences sacrificed at the hands of technological overkill. A modern reflective now exists and the cry to return and hold on to cultural truths is persistent. Reliance on mythos and the retelling of olde seems to preoccupy youth. The revalidation of historical lines of thought are sought after and the unsequestered purity of ancient simplicity desired. Displacement, loyalty and home,all questioned by the newly exiled, are under scrutiny. The emigrant struggle and reclamation of place in both country and society runs prevalent in a world where the powerful still attempt to suppress artistic expression and ignore the precedence of such ill conceived notions.

An assemblage of like minds are in unison and their voices against complacency and the habitualization of Man can be heard. The struggle to awaken society and help it come to terms with value and purpose in the face of perpetual distraction is a fight not easily won. Paralleled to this desire to shake society from its copacetic sleep is the direct contradiction of a persistent escapist movement. The desire to transport and redirect society to a more personalized introverted reality weakens the promise of intellectual evolution. The allure of respite is strong; the reemergence of fantastic landscapes offers solace as contemplative future ventures.

Presently the world is lacking and seeking renewal of its relationship with nature along with a renewed sense of discovery. Reining in the intangible through analytical trial has brought the discussion of the natural world into play. It is a misguided attempt to rationalize and tame the shrew of free will. Through cheap mimicry, from the frivolous to the near fanatical, attempts to recreate and better natural beauty by unnatural means are at odds. The overeducated and overintellectualized battle through the creative process blind to its wildness. As language is changed to suit contemporary needs the discourse and redefinition of "natural" is falsely balanced alongside urban integrity.

Expanding on escapist virtues alternative realities to suit a generation longing for past glories have been created only to be realized as hollow relics. As the aesthetic ideal is turned inside out , as re-imaging and re-imagining diminishes humanity's ugliness to the point of comedic gesture, history obsessed youth question the repetitiveness of Man's foibles.



from September 01, 2011 to September 25, 2011

Opening Reception on 2011-09-01 from 18:00 to 20:00

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