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Mike Bidlo is best known for his incredibly accurate replications of masterworks by important 20th Century artists, including Picasso, Matisse, Man Ray, Duchamp, Leger, Pollock, and Warhol. Bidlo's earliest pieces partially were partially performances, such as "Jack the Dripper at Pegs Place" (1982) during which he painted replicas of Jackson Pollock's drip paintings and re-enacted Pollock's infamous act of urinating into Peggy Guggenheim's fireplace (which Bidlo finds relevant to Pollock's painting technique and is related to Bidlo's later recreation of Warhol's urine splashed "Oxidation" paintings.)

Bidlo works on an ambitious scale, and he has done 80 exact copies of Picasso's paintings of women, over 1000 drawings based on Duchamp'ss famous "found urinal sculpture, Fountain" (1917) and made 100 Brillo boxes based on Warhol's original series of 1964. Warhol, after Duchamp, is the most famous to declare ordinary, commercial objects as works of art, and he did so with Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, Heinz ketchup, and Kellogs' corn flakes. As Bidlo states: " I've always felt at home and not alone in claiming Duchamp's legacy. His selection of already-made everyday objects opened new avenues for subsequent generations of artists." Bidlo's "Not Warhol" work is an exact replica of Warhol's and exhibited in a similar stacked formation.



from July 01, 2010 to September 11, 2010


Mike Bidlo

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