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Contradicting the dark cavernous environment in which Fuse Gallery sits, Monsterheaven, a site-specific installation, serves as a “heavenly niche.” Using satire to explore the tension between beauty and horror, a maze of plywood clouds hangs from the ceiling with seemingly evil yet playful creatures interspersed. Creating a sensation of looking down from the heavens, many small stencil and collage works hang below eye level on the wall while other three dimensional works and video scatter the floor. A harp plays in the corner while an ambient mix of divine chanting and growls is overheard throughout. PORK and SPAM rob horror of its power through humor, finding the sublime median between darkness and levity, blending the beautiful and the banal in this dark depiction of life's comedy.

PORK (Andrew Poneros) - Born in Queens (1978). Growing up in a stern Greek household, his mother was all but impressed when he discovered Rap music and "tagging" walls at the age of 14.
With an ear for irony and a love of satire he later took the name "PORK" for no reason other than pure nonsense. His appetite
gained him much praise as well as a few arrests. For efficiency he removed the gestural element from the work and created a library of stencils. His aesthetic then fell within the limits of what could be carved out of cardboard and applied to the street. For over 10 years he has tagged, stenciled and postered walls across the globe. Over time, the process evolved, as did the symbolism. Largely inspired by iconography of his heritage, he began to create his own mythology. Creating satirical metaphors for human nature, his work is said to be "playfully apocalyptic".

SPAM (Chris Martin) - Born in Brooklyn (1977). Growing up watching his mother paint portraits in their basement, he hated art. Instead he dove into skateboard culture and Punk Rock music. Eventually he took a page out of the Monty Python pantheon and the alter ego SPAM was born. During the late nineties, while earning a degree in philosophy and art history SPAM discovered the work of the Dadaists
and Existential Absurdists. He applied some of their lighter sensibilities to street art in various graffiti mediums, stenciling with garish florescent colors that clashed with the thuggish darker graffiti artist aesthetic of the time in NYC. Along with his partner
in crime, a young Greek artist serendipitously named "PORK", they turned downtown Manhattan into a rooftop gallery, with giant roll down pieces, stencils and irreverent wheat paste posters.



from January 10, 2009 to February 14, 2009

Closing Reception on 2009-02-14 from 19:00 to 22:00


Pork and Spam

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