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During the 1990s a number of artists claimed the exhibition as their medium. Working independently or in various collaborative constellations, they eschewed the individual object in favor of the exhibition environment as a dynamic arena, ever expanding its physical and temporal parameters. Using the museum as a springboard for work that reaches beyond the visual arts, their work often commingles with other disciplines such as architecture, design, and theater, engaging directly with the vicissitudes of everyday life to offer subtle moments of transformation. This loose affiliation of artists, each of whom now boasts strong, independent careers, periodically and randomly joins forces to create a variety of projects. The Guggenheim Museum has extended an invitation to a core group of artists to collectively formulate a scenario for an exhibition, one that will reflect and articulate the unique nature of their practices.


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    Matt Schlecht tablog review

    Relaxin' with "theanyspacewhatever"

    The Guggenheim advises viewers to sit down, have an espresso, and enjoy the relational aesthetics.

    saya: (2008-11-09 at 17:11)

    I was just about to click on "recommend it" but... I'm not sure that I do! It's an interesting exhibition, but for me, it fell flat.

    The Catherine Opie exhibition actually helped break up the monotony of the main exhibition.

    I loved the lounge area, and would have liked to hang out longer to watch the rest of "chew the fat" but I wouldn't pay $18 to do it again!

    perke: (2008-11-22 at 09:11)

    wanna learn what "relational aesthetics" is about? an interesting review of "theanyspacewhatever" on insanefilms http://insanefilms.com/?p=932

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